Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Poor Man's Amazon

It's habit these days to automatically go to Amazon to order books, but it's not a great idea for many needlepoint books, most of which are self-published.  Amazon's pricing can be astronomical, much more than you would pay at a needlepoint shop for the same book.  I was happy to hear about ThriftBooks, described as "the poor man's Amazon."  A stitcher over the mountain uses them all the time, so I paid their website a visit.  

Entering "needlepoint" in the search engine, I got thirty pages of results, most of which are actually needlepoint-related.  Prices generally are in the $5-15 range, although some books are more expensive, such as Rosey Greer's Needlepoint for Men, which runs just over $70.  There are a lot of classic Bargello books from the 1970s available, although most of the charted alphabet books are "temporarily unavailable."  I saw a lot of nice bargains.

Condition is listed, but if you want your books to be in excellent condition, you'd do better to buy from NewNeedlepoint which is fanatical about only selling books in very good condition or better whenever possible.  Prices are higher, but you get what you pay for.

Wherever you choose to shop for needlepoint books, happy hunting!

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