Friday, July 2, 2021

Pointing It Out Does a Needlepoint Industry Update

Megan and Melissa's latest podcast talks about where things stand in the needlepoint world today.

The pipeline/supply chain may be getting slightly better.  Shop owners may have gotten smarter about how to handle the increased demand, customers are getting used to having to wait longer than usual because nothing is mechanized in needlepoint, finishers are overwhelmed ("Finishing Is The New F Word"--you heard it here first, folks!),  customers are being urged to be flexible, the normal business cycle for needlepoint is disrupted, there are quotas imposed by the painting services so both designers large and small can get their designs made, the pressures on creative souls, whether there will be a fall Destination Dallas, a Pointing It Out retreat, and much, much more.

But the real issue is--Lucy or Ethel?  Who is who?

Shall we vote on it?  LOL

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