Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Colorful Mittens! UPDATED

Colour Complements is starting a mittens series, with a free download of the pattern and diagrams of the stitches used.  Here is the download for the mitten outline.


Lorraine's website has a section where all the mitten designs will live eventually.


There will be a mitten (or two) each month.  You can use the overdyed threads that Colour Complements sells or just raid your stash.  Regardless, this is going to create a fun quick ornament for your Christmas tree or just to brighten your house all winter.  I'll update this with the new mitten patterns as they appear.

UPDATES:  These Bargello pattern mittens are really darling.  The pattern download is at the very end of the article.


The green mitten looks so soft!  I didn't realize perle cotton could look this way with the right stitch.


The star mitten is darling.


The two diagonal patterns on this one look fabulous.  The small scale of diagonal brick at the cuff looks very fuzzy, just perfect to offset the Byzantine stitch on the body of the mitten.


This one looks like winter to me and as a bonus, both stitches used are easy to do.


I am a big fan of PINK so I love this month's pink and yellow mitten.


If you love bright, bold color, this charmer is right up your alley.


Who knew a  hexagon pattern would look so good on mittens?!


This one shows how an overdye really jazzes up a stitch.


The snowflake mittens are adorable.


The icy blues of this mitten are wonderful.  I normally use size 8 perle cotton on 18 count but I can see that the larger size 5 would make these mittens very plush and warm-looking.


This fun mitten was done using one of Colour Complements' thread kits.  It's random Rhodes rounds and very cute.


I like the checkerboard cuff.


This is a Bargello mitten.


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