Sunday, January 15, 2023

Color Theory from Colour Complements

Colour Complements has started a series about color theory using their overdyed threads. 

It's a fun way to learn about color, tint and shade.  What do they mean?  How do you apply color theory to your projects?  Lorraine will Tell All, so I'll update this article with her wisdom as she posts more.

This next article mixes cherry red with pinks.  It's really pretty!

This article explains how to pick other threads to go with an overdye that is shades of just one color.

Lorraine talks about peach being a blend of orange, pink and cherry red, which helps pick colors to go with a peach overdye.

This month's essay talks about using value (lightness or darkness of a color) to work with pastels.

Here is a color combination everyone liked!  The second link is a design using it.  The third link show how you can make this pastel work in a much louder design.  Clever!

This palette is autumn-themed with plenty of ideas how to work with it.

This time the color wheel chooses an unexpected pairing.

The next color pairing is purple, navy and teal, a classic.

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