Thursday, June 16, 2011

More TNNA Painted Canvas Pictures

Vicky is home now but still posting, this time photos of Christmas and food-related canvases.

Ditto the Needle Bug.  Their Goddess and Sweet Dreams pillow photo is from Lani, and the pink collage pillow with the flower in the center might also be a Lani design.  The seahorse and fish are from dede Odgen and there is a closeup of coral at the base of her fish sculpture.  These are the sorts of things her new book That's Not Needlepoint teaches you to stitch.  I can't identify the bracelets or the wonderful Christmas ornaments used as purse designs.  I don't know who did the big cat tuffet, either, although Trubey has similar tuffet canvases.  Sorry.

By the way, Barbara Bergsten shows off her booth.  It's all gone now but the memories remain....

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The Strong Man and The Oracle

I'm sure with all the wonderful new canvases that will soon be arriving at our local shops, we are going to need new tools.  Needlepoint Tool Time has photos of the new accessories for the K's floor frame on their website.  The first photo (labeled "Iron Man pose") shows off the wide new arms you can get.  It's a good shot of the wide stance wooden feet, too.

Another interesting tool I stumbled across is the Bead Oracle, which is a little card that helps you figure out the size of your beads and has a beading wire conversion.  If you do a lot of beading on your NP canvases, you might want one.

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