Friday, August 13, 2010


"Unboxing" is a tradition among gamers.  You buy a brand new game machine or pick up a collectors' edition of a game (Yes, video game collectors' editions exist.  They come with expensive extras like art books or night vision goggles, etc.), then you take photos of it as you open and unpack the box.  The first step in my unboxing of what arrived in the mail yesterday is shown above: the dogs have to inspect it!

Then I opened one end of the box and slide out the contents.  Can you guess what's inside?

When the contents are laid out flat, does that give you a hint?

Yes, it's Brenda Stoffit's Rabbit Geisha!  Summer Truswell made her into a tote bag with a detachable shoulder strap.  You can see more of Summer's finishing on her website (check the "museum") and can now purchase her formerly out-of-print finishing book in several formats.

This isn't a great picture of the inside but there is a zippered pocket on one side of the lining and several open pockets sized for things like cell phones, pens or laying tools, etc.  You can also see that the tote has a zipper closure so nothing inside will fall out.  The lining is a durable cotton knit (?) while the outside is navy corduroy.

Interfacing keeps the bag stiff enough to stand on its own.  The Rabbit Geisha is a big canvas (13 inches tall and 8 wide), so the tote bag is almost two feet tall and 14 inches wide. This makes her a great project or travel bag.  I think there is room for a yoga mat and towel, too.

If you have read Blog for a while, you'll remember that this canvas was vandalized by someone who took the package out of our mailbox, opened the box and set fire to the contents, then tossed everything on the ground.  You can see some of the damage in the photo of the finished piece above.  I think Summer did a good job of hiding the worst of the damage with trim.  We now use a P.O. Box after the mailbox itself was stolen last winter.

The tote bag is meant as a birthday present for my mother, so shhhh!  Don't tell!

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