Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Bowdoin Belt Boys UPDATED

Thanks to Palma, I have an interesting profile of Smathers and Branson's needlepoint belt business for you to enjoy.  I had no idea of their connection to The Point of It All in D.C., or that this was a company based in Maryland.

There's an interview with the founders on Bloomberg at the end of this profile of three preppy companies.

In case you aren't familiar with Smathers and Branson's pre stitched belts, fobs, and more, here is their website.

UPDATE:  They are in the Washington Post now. By the way, it'll cost around $300 (painted canvas, threads, finishing) to stitch a belt yourself and have it finished.  This doesn't take into account your stitching time, of course.  People on Facebook say the Smathers and Branson belts are thin and not done in basketweave so they won't last the way a needlepointed belt made from scratch by a stitcher will.

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