Monday, April 15, 2024

Woodlawn 2024

Happy Tax Day!  Let's celebrate by visiting the Woodlawn Needlework exhibit.

The major award winners are pictured here.  Note there is a link to a list of all the names of those who sent in their work with any awards they won noted.

Waste Knot has a short film of the show to enjoy if you have an Instagram account.

Melita's not been to Woodlawn for the exhibit yet but she knows she won a third place ribbon for her original design.  She recognized the names of quite a few counted designs sent in for the show.

Melita finally made it to the show and shows some of the lovely work she admired there. The stump work cabbage is amazing!

Donna volunteered at the show.  Here are a few pictures of her favorites.

Mercedes of Rogue Needlepoint won a second place ribbon with one of her architectural original designs.

Lori, the owner of Waste Knot, won three ribbons this year, including the coveted Judge's Choice.

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