Friday, May 6, 2011

Cynthia's Hair

Yesterday I received a wonderful note and two photographs from Cynthia D. who has a great tale of hair stitched--and the hope of another piece with hair in her near future.

Cynthia wrote:

"I am attaching a photo of the hair I did on my daughters Christmas stocking in 2004. I was in a class with Susan Portra at My Friend and Eye in Huntington Beach. We used Needlepoint Inc Silk in 4 shades. She had me scotch stitch the head first and then we layered the waves and curls over that base. And I mean we-I was too nervous at first so Susan stitched the first few waves and after practicing on a side canvas I took a deep breath and just started.

My daughter is expecting and if she has a girl I’ll be stitching Jenny by Sandra Gilmore-lots of hair to do."

We have our fingers crossed for you, Cynthia!  We love little boys as much as little girls, but oh--That would be gorgeous hair!

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Everything But the Kitchen Sink

I've been stitching my brains out here in CH and neglecting updating you on various things, so here goes--
First of all, Robin shows off some new mini socks from A. Bradley that will premier at the June Columbus TNNA show.  If you want to be surprised, don't look.

Liz is stitching a fractals project based on fractal artwork that will be a Kindle cover.

Ruth Schmuff is making flowers out of ribbon and French knots, and throwing in buttons made from felt to boot!

Nordic Needle has a new line of disappearing markers available.  Heat from your blow dryer will make the lines disappear.  But be careful!  If you leave a project in a car on a hot day, bet that heat will make the lines disappear, too!

In the Totally Different Department, Nimble Needle has a clipboard with a needlepoint band at the bottom.  

Patt and Lee Designs tells you how to tell their stitch painted canvases from their gilcee print ones, just in case to want to know before you order from an online shop.

Mary Corbet has written a review of a new crewel designter's latest chart.

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