Wednesday, November 12, 2014

TNNA Winter 2015 Phoenix

Please note that the TNNA Needlepoint Group is posting new designs on their Facebook page from a variety of designers.  I recommend you keep your eye on this page if you have a Facebook account.

THIS PAGE IS CLOSED.  New Items are now being added to the upcoming Columbus trade show tab.


Pocket Full of Stitches has a lot of new Santas and other Christmas items from Alexa, not to mention new Associated Talents Christmas ornaments and some hilarious animal and sign pieces from Unique New Zealand.  Who knew D.I.E.T. stands for Did I Eat That?  LOL

Treenway Silks is collaborating with Judith Baker Montano to create silk ribbons and silk perles in color ways Judith has chosen.

Pocket Full of Stitches has listed more new canvases from Dream House Ventures and Melissa Prince.  There are lots of fun new things from both artists, including a great cuckoo clock and some great cowboy boots.

Ruth Schmuff has announced a new artist whose designs she is distributing on needlepoint canvas--MaryJane Mitchell.  One canvas has a guide already but you can see all the designs available at the second link below.

Natalie's Fine Needlework has a new miniature rug design ready and it's a real honey!  The design is called "Istanbul" and it comes in three versions that can be combined to create a wonderful Turkish oriental pattern.  Although designed for 40 count silk gauze, you can create a rug on any count fabric you design if you simply adjust for the right size of ground fabric.

Pocket Full of Stitches has new canvases in but the thing we haven't seen before are their Hug Me bags.  You can check out the inside pockets as well as see the various sizes and styles on their blog.

Randi at World in Stitches just posted a new Tapestry Tent canvas of a pair of cardinals sitting among poinsettias. It's gorgeous.  When Randi showed the photo on Facebook, folks said they thought it was the canvas Liz Dillion was painting right at the January TNNA show.  I'm not sure about that but I am certain this is lovely.  Speaking of Tapestry Tent, Susan Roberts (which owns Tapestry Tent) has updated their website (second link below).  There are seven pages of new designs to admire.

Peacock Alley has four new Peeps canvases coming in.  The cute little chicks come in yellow, pink, blue and green pastels.  I think they are a custom design available only in the shop.

Laura Wheeler Designs has new needlepoint signs for the addicted stitcher.

Lee's Needle Arts/Colonial Needle has a new series that salutes all five branches of the US military.  Let's hear it for our soldiers and sailors!

Kimberly is stitching on a brand new design and offered us a few tantalizing peeks.

The Collection has a new Boston sports-themed design showing kids wearing various team jerseys sitting together on the banks of the Charles River looking at the Boston skyline.  Christine's Osterville Needlepoint posted a photo of it on Facebook.

Needlepoint For Fun is featuring their self-finishing plaster frames this week.  These come as a kit with Pepperpot silk thread and are on sale.  Designer is unknown but since I've not seen these before, I thought I'd feature them as "new."

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted new designs from & More, Barbara Bergsten, Bees Knees, Mile High Princess, and Canvas Art By Barbi.  Most items are new to me, so enjoy!

Pepita announced their newest design, "Colorful Vases," on their blog.  It's mod and blocky and would be such fun to stitch with every variation of cashmere and mosaic stitches you can find!  By the way, if you visit the Pepita website, you'll see all their newest designs (second link below), including a more traditional pottery canvas.

Needlework Retailer points out that Hal and Jack (the two new large Halloween stand up figures from Labors of Love) come on both 13 and 18 count.  The 18 count piece is shorter than the 13 count so depending on the impact you want, your vision, and how much time you want to spend stitching these two, Labors of Love will accommodate you.

Pocket Full of Stitches has new canvases from Ashley Dillon/Susan Roberts, Annie Lane, Associated Talents, J. Child, Julie Mar, Maggie, and Purple Palm, many of which I've not seen before.  Who knew Sherlock Feathers was available as a canvas? LOL

Jody Designs has created a stand up version of her popular White Bunny design.  You can see the variety of options on Facebook.

Just in time for Easter, Laura Perin has a new design called Faberge Egg I.  It's gorgeous and I can see many happy counted canvaswork lovers wanting to stitch this beauty.

Karen Hennessey of Zecca has just finished stitching her five letter flags and posted photos on Facebook.  Any letter is available, she just had fun stitching her official name.

I've just seen photos on Facebook of the cutest Twelve Days of Christmas set from the Canadian designer Ewa Kurnicka!  There are a dozen in the set but only six are pictured online.  Sorry.  You can contact Ewa via her Facebook page.  Check out her photo albums to see the cute Santas ornaments as well as some florals.

Estella Saville Designs has a new floral.  Love the abstract corners!  It comes in 3 color ways.

DebBee's Designs has been busy designing charts and for classes.  Here's the latest.

Chandail has new owl scissors fobs in stock that are wonderful, particularly for the bird lover.  Each owl "lampwork" bead is unique so buy early if you see one you fall in love with.

BB Needlepoint has posted three new belt designs hot off the drawing board on Facebook this morning.  These are for the Columbus show in very late May.

Ann Wheat Pace designs are posted on Pocket Full of Stitches' blog this morning.  (The shop is having a trunk show of her work.)   Ann doesn't often update her website so don't miss a chance to see her latest work.

I'm particularly fond of Ann Wheat Pace's larger crosses.  You can even fill in the corners to make a package wrapped with ribbon if you don't want a religious symbol.

I also love Ann Wheat Pace's Silver Mercury Glass series.  These are stunning stitched.

Ridgewood just posted photos of some of Jean Smith's floral designs.  If you love flowers, you have to see these!  Jean is famous for her flower canvases and you will see why if you click here.

Sally Corey Designs has posted photos of her latest designs on her website's home page.  You can see finished models in the slide show as well.

Pocket Full of Stitches has photos of several new Rebecca Wood pieces.  We've seen the charming reindeer ornaments and the Texas decorated cake before but the seasonal squares with their lovely borders are new to me.

The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection (TWNC) just posted their newest Annie Lane design on Facebook.  It is called "Sheep Wine" and will be available in Spring 2015.

TWNC also has a new J and J Graphics piece called "Cottage by the Sea," featured on the Needlework Retailer.

Peacock Alley Needlepoint has set up a group on Facebook to show off their Machelle Somerville trunk show which is there until the end of March 2015.  There are a lot of canvases on display I've not seen before so if you are a fan of Machelle or just curious, visit here.  The group is Open so anyone can see the photos and descriptions.

School Needlepoint has added a new line of military designs to their canvases.  Pictured is the Marine Corps design.  And there's a ten percent discount for active military!

Needle Nicely has added new canvases to their stock.  There's a very cute Raymond Crawford "Christmas march" stocking top,  a roses doorstop from Danae Designs, a Susan Roberts floral and a lovely Alice Peterson shells designs.  All these are new to me, so they may be new to you, too.

Kelmscott has some lovely new needle minders.  The elephant and tulips are new in 2015, but do scroll down to see more of their stock in case you haven't noticed a Pere Noel or sheep at night or basket of pansies or teapot or red barn or something else that is just perfect for your needles.

Just Another Button Company has new wire needle threaders with button holders that are quite cute.  (I'm partial to the sheep myself but the toad on page three is pretty durn cute.)  Some designs also come in counting pins if you happen to use those.

Tapestry Fair has updated their website with the new 2015 items.  There is a wide range of styles, many of which we haven't seen before.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted some cute new eggs from Hummingbird Designs, new things from J. Childs and a few new Kate Dickenson fishnet animals and a Christmas goose, plus Tapestry Fair and Pippin goodies.

Estella Saville Designs is releasing five new charts based on autumn leaves she collected in Turkey.  Check her Facebook page to purchase these beauties.

Kate Dickerson has starting painting her initial canvases ("Bright Disk Letter Patterns") in a five inch square size so they are a perfect fit for Sudberry's Betsy Box.

Ruth Schmuff has posted photos of new animal canvases from Eleanor Grosch.  Her style is a sort of updated Charley Harper.  I particularly like the fox and crow and the outside owl piece but there is plenty to love here.

Janet Granger has updated her website.  This link is to her blog instead of straight to the site in case you want to explore her personal dollhouse instead of looking at her miniature needlepoint kits.

Lani has updated her website with two pages of new designs from 2015.

What's the Point? has set up a Facebook photo album called March Canvases (New) to show off the new items in their shop.  There are some very cute new things from Pepperberry, Ewe and Eye, and Needle Deeva, and there is more!

Machelle Somerville has added new designs to her "New for 2015" Facebook photo album.  There's a pretty group of blue Lady Birds and a cheerful patterned yellow bunny.

Magnets by Attractions has added lots of new spring-themed magnets to their Facebook page.  There are flowers, bugs, chicks and more.

Laura Wheeler Designs has posted photos of her new Wish Bottle series on Facebook.  These can be ordered as one side, double sided, or with custom labels.  Contact Laura via her email or through her Facebook page.

Pocket Full of Stitches has photos of some new Winnetka Stitchery houses, birdhouses and mittens. We don't get to see much of Winnetka online because they don't have a website so please take an opportunity to see their fun small pieces while you can.

Janet Perry raves about the little needle felted magnets from Yoshimi.  Unfortunately most of them appear to be sold out.

Labors of Love has two new clip on birds--a loon and a mallard.

A Stitcher's Garden in Arkansas just posted two photos of a new fold-up lap desk they just ordered on their Facebook page.  I've never seen anything quite like it!  I imagine some folks will love this, depending on how they stitch.

We have a new counted canvaswork designer -- Estelle Saville Designs!  You can see Estelle's designs on her Facebook page.  Some of them are on larger count, which is nice for those of us with vision issues.  I particularly like her plant designs--that Flueggea anatolica leaf pattern is lovely!

Laura Perin has released a new pattern called Corsage, which was a cyberclass for her a year or so back. The chart is just now available to her fans who didn't take the class.  It's a geometric but with your choice of flower in the center.

DebBee's Designs is showing off their newest counted canvaswork geometric on Facebook.  This is "Kaleidoscope."

I've been browsing Traditional Stitches' website, looking at the new cross stitch and sampler designs just released for the Nashville trade show and found four new Accoutrement magnets--a peacock, a leopard print, a deer (available in two colors) and a pinecone.  Lovely!

Mani de Donna also has some pretty Art Nouveau scissors in four different finishes.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photos of the new Bohin enameled necklace thread cutters on their blog as well as a series of "Bejeweled Tree" Christmas trees from Libby Sturdy.  These are painted canvases of Christmas trees, each a little different. A group of them would make a great mantel display!

Needle Nicely has two new Maggie canvases I haven't seen before--a stunning monochromatic geometric that looks like Op Art and a hilarious moose attempting to decorate for Christmas.

Northern Expressions has two new counted designs available for the Nashville market. One is an alphabet sampler and the other is a one colored geometric.

Pocket Full of Stitches has photos of new Kathy Schenkel pieces (plus stitched models), two new Debbie Mumm canvases of snowmen I don't remember seeing before, and new Melissa Shirley canvases in the shop.

Kelly Clark has at least one new country sampler design, the chicken.

Pocket Full of Stitches has quite a few brand new Leigh Designs florals and Halloween stand ups in the shop, as well as Leigh's Ashland Sky bags in the new pink color.

Kreinik is getting ready to head to the Nashville TNNA show (which is mostly cross stitch).  Which reminds me, Kreinik has a new copper wire "fabric" available.  See the second link below.

Ridgewood has the new Nasmaste Better Buddy needle/scissor cases in stock now. I think the outside colors are new and that these are slightly lager than the original Buddy Cases.

Needlework Retailer shows off one of several new Julie Mar and Friends designs.

Ruth Schmuff shows off new (and some old) designs from Kimberly.  The biscornu were a club last year.  Now you can pick just one to stitch and enjoy.

Kurdy Briggs of Threedles has updated her website with new 2015 designs and...

Needlework Retailer has posted photos of the newest Easter egg pieces.  You can see closeups and various color schemes on the Threedles website link above.

Juli Poitras just announced a new artist has joined JP Needlepoint--Jamison Kaufman.  You can see her amazing pirate portrait (with parrot) on the JP Needlepoint Facebook page.

Here's another needle magnet from Annie Lane's Way Too Fun (WTF) line of magnets using her canvas designs.

Pocket Full of Stitches has new things from Anne Brinkley (as well as the classic Nativity tree which is one of Anne's masterpieces!) and Strictly Christmas posted on their blog.  If you need a hippo, giraffe or pig in a tutu (and who doesn't?!), this is the place.  Thanks, PFOS!

Needlepoint For Fun has canvases in stock from two new designers--Mindy Carpenter (top four designs on the page below) and...

Stitches, a NY based company with seven abstracts at the top of this page.  By the way, the Julie Mar pieces here are ones I've not seen before, either.  Good luck to the two new kids and to Julie, too~

BeStitched posted a video about Sundance's new Rayon Raffia.  You can see the colors in the video.  I'm told the raffia can be stretched and used in layers, but I haven't tried this myself.  Stay tuned!

Pocket Full of Stitches has quite a few new canvases from Alice Peterson I've not seen before, plus a few classic designs from Susan Roberts.  I love the dot and plaid patterned baby elephant from Alice!

Ridgewood shows off their striped tote bag assortment.  These are not new and Ridgewood doesn't tell you the name of the distributor or manufacturer, but this is the first time I've seen anyone post such a large assortment of styles and colors, so I am putting them here.

Penny McLeod has a new round design on 13 count.  This is really large instead of being an ornament, by the way.

Laura Perin's Wreath Club is an exclusive for Beth's Needlepoint until later in the year.  Here's the schedule when you can order these even if you aren't participating in the club.

Apparently Needle Deeva has six small new Sugar Skull canvases.  Happy Day of the Dead!

Dragonflylotus Designs is collaborating with Wild Olive to create hex-shaped magnets called Hexie Helper Needle Minders for stitcher needles.  A pair of love birds, anyone?  Or a camel?

Kreinik shows off new colors in their newest width of 1/4 inch ribbon.  Besides the new gold, copper and silver shades, it comes in 8-9 other shades (second link below).   Now they need blues, right?

Mindy has updated her website's New Designs section.  The 18 or so canvases at the top of the page are brand new!  There are new collages, new Asian, new clocks and new birds.  FUN!

Pocket Full of Stitches just posted photos of new canvases (many of which I've not seen before) from Lee, Mindy and The Point of It All Designs.  Candy bar alert!

Ridgewood posted photos of new magnets they have in stock--palm trees and hedgehogs and more!

Stitchville USA just posted photographs on Facebook of the new carrot canvases from Kathy Schenkel Designs.

Karen Hennessy of Zecca posted three photos on Facebook of her new jewelry case using her Zinnia.  Apparently Susan Portra has a stitch guide for the Zinnia canvas, too.

Joan Eidman of Fiori/Dream House Ventures shows off her charming Love Time piece and some of her hearts (second link below).

Needle House has posted photos of four folk art egg designs from the new hand painted designer 2M Company.  Needle House will put initials or dates on the central ribbon for you, too.

Melissa Shirley Designs has posted a photo of their "Table Bouquet" canvas in a new spring color way on Facebook.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photographs of new items that have arrived in the shops, including brand new canvases we haven't seen from Ruth Schmuff, Petei, and Renaissance Designs and some of the very cute beginner pieces from MAP Designs.

Waste Knot Needlepoint just posted photos of the new short scissors charms that have arrived from Market.

Robbyn's Nest Designs posted photos of the newest baby-themed canvases on Facebook.

Rachel Donley Needlepoint's newest piece is a love letter purse (or ring bearer pillow), designed for Beehive Needlearts (second link below).

Colonial has two new rug runners under their Lee hand painted canvas line, stitched with their lovely Persian Yarn brand of wool.

Needlenook of La Jolla has posted photos from their Joy Juarez trunk show on their Facebook page.  Some of these are brand new designs--all are spectacular.  They also have posted a photo album of new arrivals (second link below), some of which are also brand new from the January show.

There's a new Purple Palm design from Sharon called "Cindy's Garden."   It is a spectacular group of cacti in bloom.

The Artists Collection has a wonderful new sledding Santa.

Pocket Full of Stitches has new canvases that have arrived from Elizabeth Turner Designs, Maggie, Ewe and Eye and Pepperberry.  Some are brand new to me and others we've seen before.

The Needlework Retailer shows off a new Mezuzah design from Rishfeld.

Sally Corey Designs has a new addition to their French series--"The Paris Carousel."  Details on Facebook

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off new canvases we've not seen before from Waterweave and Dream House Ventures, plus new things from Associated Talents.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off dog-themed canvases from Labors of Love, Cheryl Schaeffer/Annie Lee, Point of It All Designs, Raymond Crawford and a dimensional doghouse from Sew Much Fun.

Needlework Retailer News profiles the new Beehive Needle Nanny from Puffin and Company.

BeStitched shows off the All That Shimmers kit from Sundance in a short video on their website.

Vicki posts photos of a few new Danji canvases plus a new Elizabeth Turner she saw at Market that she liked.

Raymond Crawford Designs just announced on Facebook that Raymond's bringing back six of his "girl" series canvases due to popular demand.  You can see them all here.  Just use the side arrows to browse.

Here's the latest from Accoutrement Designs--

Laura Perin has four new little designs for Valentine's Day.  The chart is called "Valentine Ornaments: and there are four little heart patterns to stitch inside.  If you fall in love, you can order this directly from Laura using her website (second link below).

Vicky DeAngelis has posted a lot of photos of new Raymond Crawford items from Market on her blog.  Don't miss the pieces Tony Minieri stitched for a club at Edwardian Needle!

Needle Delights shows off the first of three new counted designs that will premiere at the Nashville cross stitch trade show.  It is called "Roseto."

Here is the second of three new Needle Delights charts.  This one is "Sky."

Here is the third new Needle Delights chart, which I think is called "Around the Rainbow."

Amy's Golden Strand newsletter for February/March 2015 is full of new products from Market.

Lani hasn't updated their website but Stitch Therapy has added lots of photos of the new corset designs and more to their shop site.  Look for the little yellow "New" notice next to the title as you browse their Lani selection.

Kate Dickerson has expanded her line of Bright Letter ornaments which are the perfect size for Lee's little 3 inch boxes.

Dream House Venture's Joan Eidman (Fiori) is busy stitching her new Victoriana toy series.  The farm animal pull toy is delightful.  I don't know if a shop will use this for a club this year or next but I think it's going to be perfect for that.  Stay tuned for more glimpses.

World in Stitches has the J and J Graphics trunk show pictures on their blog, which is a great place to see the Northeast coastline designs from this new company.

Magnets by Attractions has new needle minders for your stitching pleasure.  Love the little bunnies!

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photos of the new colors in the various ThreadworX lines.  I find them all very appealing but that pinky-rose mix in most of the thread types made my heart beat faster.

BB Needlepoint Designs has updated their website with the Winter 2015 new items.  Click on the page numbers at the bottom of the page to browse the latest fun things.  Personally I love the Scottie with presents, but is that a cat hiding behind the stack of wrapped packages?

Brenda Stofft has a new Skeleton Key series for Halloween.  You can see the pumpkin, cat and owl skeleton keys on the Needle Works' site.

Carol Eix Design has posted two photos of new Button Snaps styles on Facebook.  These are magnetic (to hold needles) and also have a loop that secures a wooden or glass laying tool.  The second link shows them in action.

SJ Designs has posted photos of Zweigart's new "Soft Ivory" color of needlepoint canvas along with the white and eggshell shades so you can see the difference.  This comes in 24 count and 18 count, by the way.

Old World Designs posted photos of three new Birds of a Feather designs on their FB page.

Elizabeth Bradley Designs has a new Botanical Fruits pillow series..

Nimble Needle shows off new canvases from Eleanor/Ruth Schmuff and Susan Roberts.

Nordic Needle has Cotton Candy scissors which are colorful and sharp.

Homestead Needle Arts shows off many new Rainbow Gallery colors and the new thread Entice, plus buttons, trims and the scissor fobs from Merry L. Needlework.

Pocket Full of Stitches has new canvases in from The Collection and from Whimsy and Grace.  I love seeing canvases we didn't see much of at the trade show!

Terry Dryden has started on a new design for her teaching portfolio.  It's typical in that it is inspired by Africa but it is different because Terry's imagery is more realistic than usual.  You can see part of the design here.

Barbara Bergsten has posted photos on her blog of her three new beach=themed Kisses.  Very cute for those with a beach house, even if it is only in their dreams.

Nimble Needle in Jersey also has more new things we've not seen.  There is a lovely stencil style pattern from Brenda Kooler, an AGA farmhouse scene, a JP bird of paradise brick cover, a darling girl with flute from Sundance, Trubey's Paris round, dede's lovely duck, and Silver Needle's Greece round.

Pocket Full of Stitches has even more new things from artists whose new work we haven't seen much or at all.  Enjoy the new Annie Lee, Associated Talents, Susan Roberts and Beth Gantz pieces.

Ruth Schmuff shows off her new releases. I love Jack Frost!

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photos of new designs from MAP Designs, Charley Harper, Lee, The Point of It All Designs, Silver Needle and Shelly Tribbey.  Most are things we've not seen before, so this eye candy is great.

Needle Nicely has new goodies from Market to show--Canvas Connection, Needle Crossings, Barbara Russell, and a beautiful Sophia. If you fall in love, don't hesitate.  This is the tourist season in Florida and one of these may go home with another customer pretty soon.

Vicky DeAngelis has posted more photos from Market.  Some canvases, some not, but all fun to see!

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photos of new canvases from Tapestry Tent, Janice Gaynor, Susan Roberts, Melissa Shirley and Jean Smith.

Homestead Needle Arts has lots of new things in, from books to needle threaders and boxes to canvases.  If you see something you need, visit the shop at their website (second link below).

Ridgewood has posted photos of new designs from Market.  Designers are uncredited but the bottom three-four I think are from Scott Church/CBK.

Kreinik shows off their new 1/16 inch chevron ribbon which is available in five colors.

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off new canvases from Carol Dupree and Alice Peterson. I love Alice's two foxes.  Which one caught your eye?

Needle Delights shows off two new counted canvaswork pieces.  One is title "Around the Rainbow" and the other is so new it doesn't have a name yet.

Ridgewood has new canvases from Market at the shop.  These floral and plant pieces all seem to be from Birds of a Feather but I can't be sure.

More from TNNA from Vicky!

Ridgewood shows off some of Squiggee's new dog angel stockings.  These have to be ordered, they are not in stock.

Po's Point has posted three photos of new travel-themed pieces from Kate Dickenson.  They are very pretty, almost like a travel scrapbook page.

What's the Point? Needlepoint has posted three photos of many of the African porcupine quill laying tools on their Facebook page.

What's the Point? has also posted photos of the new Princess and Me ornaments from Market on Facebook.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off various canvases from a variety of people she really liked.  I like them, too!

Louise's Needlework has updated their New in January photo album on Facebook.  Many of the pieces are brand new from Market. I love the red camellia!

Here is a nice photo of Melissa Shirley's booth at Market, showing all the new models.

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off the new Puffin boxes as well as their magnets and needle threaders.

Vicky shows off new cat canvases.  Naturally!

Zecca has announced new Alphabet Flags.  The first two Karen is stitching is shown on Facebook.

The Needle Deeva has updated her website with all the new canvases, from the Wacky Menorah to two lovely birds cuffs, sugar skulls and much more.

Needlenook of La Jolla has posted photos of new Pippin canvases they have just received on their Facebook page.

Barbara Bergsten shows off her new eye glasses canvases.  They are cute to the max in her signature pinks and greens.  I can't decide between the seahorses and the palm trees.  Wonder if I could get both to make a case with NP on both sides?  I think the geometric is supposed to be the coordinated back side but I am not a matchy-matchy person....

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photos of the new Carol Lake/Michael Boren book and new threads received from Rainbow Gallery.  If you want to see the new colors in old lines or check out Entice, this is the place.  The second link shows off new canvases from Ann Wheat Pace and Charley Harper/Treglown.

Natasha's Fine Needlework has a new miniature rug chart based on a 19th Century design.

Needlepoint For Fun's latest e-newsletter talks about the new Pucci-inspired canvases from Julie Mar and Friends they ordered at Market.  These have just arrived and are shown on their website.

The Point of It All shop has posted a photo of the panda ornament the shop owner (Susan Battle Designs) has designed and stitched. Cute!

Mary Agnes Goes to Market (Part One, Two and Part Three) - All about TNNA from Needle Nicely's owner.

Laura Perin is working on a new design that's very Art Deco!  It's called "Northern Lights."  She's also  working on a stitch guide for Sandra Gilmore's "The Sentinel."

Village Needleworks just posted a photograph on their FB page of three new Lee jewelry box colors.

Barbara's Needlepoint has posted a new photo of Ann Hansen's Gabriel angel on their FB page.

Needlepointing in Your Nest (that's Carolyn Hedge Baird's Facebook page) has posted a photo album of new Treglown Designs.  The Charley Harper collie is a favorite of mine and I also like the Southwestern Nativity design.

A Collection of Designs has posted one more new design on Facebook.  This Santa round (the first in a series) hasn't made it to Market or the website just yet.

TNNA's NP Group has posted more booth photos.  Here is DJ Designs.

Here is the Doodlin' Around Designs' booth (they do wooden boxes and frames).

Here is Melissa Prince's booth.

Rebecca Wood has updated her website with new 2015 designs.

Vicky shows off new items.

Needle Works summarizes all their Market postings.

Theresa of Homestead Needle Arts is home!  With lots of goodies and great photos.

Joan Eidman of Fiori/Dream House Ventures shows off photos of her TNNA booth and talks about her new Victorian Toy Series.

Randi (The World in Stitches) came home from Market sick but with some wonderful things.

Jerimies just posted photos of new Stitch-Its designs that have arrived at the shop.

Raymond Crawford has posted his Jan. 2015 catalogue online.  This makes it easy for you to tell your shop exactly what Raymond goodie you want them to order for you.

CBK has updated their website with photos of new things from all their artists.

Stitchers Treasures in Escondito, CA has posted a few photos of new Market canvases.

Pocket Full of Stitches posted more photos of Market goodies.  There are a lot of Alice Peterson photos, Associated Talents, Canvas Art by Barbi, Cheryl Schaeffer, quite a bit from Julie Mar, some Kelly Clark and Melissa Shirley, a lot of Pepperberry and Painted Pony, Puffin threaders and boxes, Shelly Tribbey, Tapestry Fair and Unique New Zealand.

Ridgewood has posted photos of new canvases from the TNNA Winter show.  There's a lot of variety but designers are uncredited.

Kangeroo Paws Designs has posted photos on Facebook of their new "taxi" sorority designs.

The Enriched Stitch goes to Phoenix--so you don't have to!  The second link is their website's What's New section.

Melissa Prince has updated her website.  You can see the new house series there.  I don't know if the Patricia Sone guides for them are all ready yet, though.  There are a lot more movie coasters than I realized.  Batman cracks me up!

Barbara Russell has updated her website.  She's got a new peacock!  I think the Dog Collection has new things, too.

TNNA's NP Group has posted photos of ten rabbit models from many different designers they saw at Market.  I think More Bunnies might be a trend!

TNNA's NP Group continues to update their FB page with photos of various designer booths. Many photos also show the designer, in case you want to put a face to the name of your favorites.   Here are the latest--Fatell Designs.

Anne Brinkley Designs

Danae Designs

Jean Smith Designs

Custom House of Needle Arts

Barbara Russell Design

Needle Works of Austin also has plenty of new items on their website.

Village Needlework has a new section on their website called "2015 Winter Market Arrivals" where you can see their newest treats.  Lots of penguins and mushrooms!  And gingerbread houses and a garden gnome....

Melissa Prince just posted photos of her new "Homes of America" series on Facebook.  Naturally I love the cabin!  By the way, Patricia Sone will be doing the guides for the series.

Photos from the show floor aren't always the greatest so Melissa Shirley has posted her catalogue on Facebook.  The pages show all the latest and what size they are.  Your shop can order for you straight from this.  (However, the photos on her website are larger, in case you want to really see detail.)

Fleur De Paris just posted a photo of dede's amazing Gnomes Wreath!

Fleur also posted a photo of Sandra Gilmore's new Lulu (a little girl and a cat).

Melissa Prince Designs has updated their FB page with their Movie Coaster series.  Each of the four designs refers to a classic movie.

Garden Gate Needlepoint has updated their Facebook page with photos of their favorite canvases from Market.  Designers uncredited.

Pepperberry has updated their Facebook page with nine photos of the newest designs.  There are lots of snowmen and winter-themed designs.

Painted Pony has updated their Facebook page with photos of their eleven new angels for 2015.  Cleopatria's my favorite but there is something for almost everyone.

Kelmscott has updated their website.  They have two new cameo-style magnets (tulips and paisley elephants)  and new small scissors as well.

Canvas Art by Barbi has posted two pages of new things on her website.  Click on Page 7 and then Page 8 to enjoy.  By the way, the new Fairy Door series is on Page 8, with more promised.

Tony Minieri reports on Market:one word-- ribbon!

BeStitched has a video showing Emily's porcupine quill laying tools in action.

Vicky talks about TNNA's Winter Market and the things she saw and did there.

Birds of a Feather has updated their website.  More mushrooms!

Pocket Full of Stitches has updated their blog with more Market photographs.  You'll see things from & More, Alice Peterson, Associated Talents, Danji, Birds of a Feather, DJ Designs, Elizabeth Turner, Kathy Schenkel, Leigh, Mile High Princess, Melissa Prince, Melissa Shirley, Pippin, Painted Pony, Purple Palm, Robbyn's Nest, SharonG, and Shelly Tribbey.

TNNA's NP Group has posted a series of booth photos on their FB page.  In no particular order, here are the booths of Maggie/Ewe and Eye...

...Raymond Crawford...

...Renaissance Designs and...

...Leigh Designs.

The Wool and the Floss has posted a photo of some of DeElda's beginner kits.

Quail Run has updated their blog twice.  I missed yesterday's posting since their blog doesn't work with RSS feeds. You have to go to their website and look and I never remember.  Market Day 2 doesn't credit the designers but I think the amazing desert cactus pieces are from Sundance.

Quail Run's Market Day 3 report is here with classes the shop will be having.  More is promised for today.

The Painted Pony has uploaded photos of primitive landscape and animal canvases from their other new artist, Diane Ulmer Peterson.  If you love Ewe and Eye's style, you will love Diane's work.  I like the leaping sheep!

Stitches in Time has updated their FB page with photo of the Pippin designer, distributor and booth. There's also a photo of Patti Mann and her goat canvas.

Louise's Needlework has updated their FB page with models of canvases they have ordered.  The black labs in a boat pillow is fabulous (uncredited designer).

Village Needleworks has updated their FB page with photos of some great Kathy Schenkel and Studio Midwest models

The Painted Pony posted a group of photos on FB of the amazingly detailed Santas from their newest artist, Lynne Andrews.  If you love stitching Santas, you'll want to look at these.  There are other designs as well.  Nice!

As you may have heard, there was a fire alarm (cigarette in the trash can of the men's room) at the trade show and everyone had to evacuate briefly yesterday.  No one was harmed but since smoking is illegal in public buildings in AZ, the smoker had better watch out.  Here are the owner of Dutch Treat and Kurdy Biggs of Threedles calmly waiting.

Here's Kurdy back in her booth, surrounded by her complex counted canvaswork designs from Threedles.

The Painted Pony has posted photos of their booth. It's big enough to throw a party in! (Bet they did, too!)

TNNA's NP Group has posted two photos of the Quail Run booth on their FB page.  They have also posted photos of the Alice Peterson booth (second link).

AND there are photos of The Collection's booth.

BeStitched has posted seven photos of new Zecca pieces on their FB page.

The Nimble Needle in Atlanta has posted a very cute Unique New Zealand dog canvas and a shot of the triple Walker bags on Facebook.

Pocket Full of Stitches is coming home with a few needle magnets and magnetic needle cases (some of which have a beading sticky pad as well).  I think most of these are from Accoutrement Designs.

Ridgewood has posted more uncredited canvas photos.

The staff of Enriched Stitch passed the flight to Phoenix in a stitching race.

Tapestry Fair also has some cute animals in wagons.  You can see them at the bottom of Pocket Full of Stitches' new blog entry that showcases many artists we have not seen much of before (Lee, dede Odgen, Trubey, Waterweave, Treglown) and canvases we haven't seen, such as Sandra Gilmore's Nana which has a Newfoundland asleep by a window with Tinker Bell just visible, or Robbyn's Nest's fancy hat on a scrapbook paper background.  My personal favorite from this batch of eye candy is DJ Designs's Mayan leopards.

Some, but not all, of Cheryl Schaeffer's double side canvases that come with a wagon for finishing, are on her website.

Sheena has posted her favorite painted canvases from Market.

& More has updated their website with new sayings and a new designer.

The French Knot posted three photos of new Patti Mann designs on their FB page.

3 Kittens has posted a few photos of painted canvases (and lots of knitting yarns) to their FB page. The designers are not credited.

Park Avenue Needlepoint has updated their FB page with photographs.  Lots of Mile High Princess canvases and models, Debbie Mumm owl models and other models from the Melissa Shirley booth, and more.

The Wool and the Floss has updated their FB page with photographs.

They also pointed out that J. Malahy Designs' Sock Monkey series won TNNA's New Design of the Year award.  Congratulations!

What's the Point? Needlepoint has updated their FB photo album called More From the Market II.  There's too much to describe but there are things I haven't seen before here.

The Nimble Needle in Atlanta has updated their FB page with several Sandra Gilmore/Once in a Blue Moon pieces, a finished game board from Zecca, Magic Needle's pretty floral challah cover, and the Christmas bag models from Kathy Schenkel.

Jeremies Needlepoint and Linens posted a photo of The Point of It All Designs' booth and owner Hyla Hurley.

Jill posted a photo of Clover's Mini Flower Loom.  I think it is used to make woven silk ribbon flowers.

Lousie's Needlework has posted two more photos of Liz/Tapestry Tent at work.

Louise's has also added photos to their Facebook photo album.  I'd not seen the self finishing ornaments with wooden forms before or the leather bracelets to stitch. Designers not credited.

The River Silks sachet kits come in a variety of colors and are designed by Blue Dogwood. has also added photos to Facebook.  Mostly dog and cat things from Maggie but there's a JP design and one that isn't credited.

The French Knot has updated their Facebook page with lots of photos. Things we have not seen before include a Zecca bird canvas that comes with realistic glass eyes, new things from Alice Peterson, Melissa Shirley and Kelly Clark and Tapestry Fair models from their booths, and Maggie penguins and moose.

Nimble Needle Atlanta has updated their Market FB photo album with a few pictures of Lani's dresses on forms with matching purses.

Amy's Golden Strand has also updated their Facebook page album for Sample It and Needlework Showcase with new items, particularly threads and embellishments.  Don't miss Sundance's beads, raffia ribbon and metal findings!

Amy's Golden Strand has updated their website Market page.  There are now two pages of goodies.

AND Amy's Golden Strand has put almost 300 photos into their January Market Day 2 photo album on Facebook.  If you are a fan of DJ Designs or Treglown or Dreamhouse Ventures or SharonG or The Collection, you can see photos here.

Vicky DeAngelis posted photos of things she liked from Laurel Birch/Danji, Kate Dickerson, Anne Brinkley, Alice Peterson, Rebecca Wood and Labors of Love on her Facebook page.

Vicky also posted another photo of Liz/Tapestry Tent working on her latest design at Market.

The Sew Much Fun Patriotic Turkey doll can be seen here.

Here is Sew Much Fun's Halloween Kitty Kat (two photos, front and back).

Pocket Full of Stitches has also blogged about new eye candy from Market.  There are things from Barbara Bergsten, Danji, lots from Elizabeth Turner and Ewe and Eye we haven't seen before, Julie Mar, Labors of Love, Pippin, Robbyn's Nest, Sew Much Fun, The Point of It All Designs, Unique New Zealand, and Zecca pieces that are both small and large.

Needle Works has blogged about Day Two at Market, and have some wonderful photos of designs from Pippin, a gorgeous red and gold pear pillow from Alice Peterson that comes with a guide from Jessie Broussard plus several other Alice Peterson pieces including nice stockings, several Scott Church/CBK Halloween and Christmas pieces (the witch owl is very nice and very new), more photos of the classic cats from Labors of Love, Elizabeth Turner's feminine fans, a great guitars canvas from The Collection and a new 3-D nutcracker doll from TS Designs,  a fabulous Christmas lion (designer unclear), two Southwestern pieces from Sundance, new SharonG vases canvases, lots of Ewe and Eye and Maggie and Rebecca Wood fun things.

Ridgewood has posted photos of new designs, all uncredited, but I recognize Whimsy and Grace stars, Birds of a Feather? animals, and some of A Collection of Designs' lovely Christmas ornaments.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted more photos of canvases they are bringing home from them.  There are new Mindy seasonal trees, darling Patti Mann owls and dogs, some Emily porcupine quill laying tools with assorted beads and gems at the rounded end, and the Sew Much Fun Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein and Mr. and Mrs. Skeletons 3-D doll sets.

Ridgewood has posted photos of new Judiac- and Chrustnas-themed canvases on their blog.  Designers are not credited.

Two photos of Pajamas and Chocolate's new sun visor canvas, showing the item stitched and then made up by West Coast Finishing.  Stitch guide included with the canvas.

TNNA's NP Group posted two photos of the Studio Midwest booth.

A photo of models at the Sew Much Fun booth.

Pepperberry Designs has updated their Facebook page with photos of new small Christmas ornaments.  Most are peppermint hearts with various Christmas themes but the Golden Retriever in his Santa hat is charming!

TNNA's NP Group has updated their Facebook page with five photos of the Associated Talents booth.

The Needle Works is updating their Facebook page with photos of two new Mindy bird canvases (with nests), Labors of Love's limited edition canvas of Madame Pompadour, a new Mindy musical clock, three new Scott Church animals, and two classic Chinese blue and white vase canvases from The Collection.  (Thanks for the correction on the Chinese vase designer, Colleen!)

The TNNA NP Group has also posted photos of the Cooper Oaks booth, which is HUGE.

The TNNA NP Group has posted three photos of the Zecca booth.

Stitch Therapy has added a new releases page to their shop website. has added photos to their TNNA Market 2015 photo album.  Designers are Maggie,  Purple Palm Designs, Barbara Bergsten, Raymond Crawford and Silver Needle/Colonial.

The TNNA NP Group has posted photos of Rebecca Wood's booth and framed designs.

Vicky DeAngelis loves this new Elizabeth Turner geisha design.

The new pink Ashland Sky bag set from Leigh Designs.

The TNNA NP Group has posted photos of the Birds of a Feather booth.  Pretyt canvases!

A Good Yarn Needlepoint has posted photos of new canvases from Market.  Designers uncredited.

Two beautifully finished Pepperberry Designs snowmen pillows.

Two large Tapestry Fair designs, both oriental, one a Chinese battle scene and the other a dragon.

The Buddy Company organizer bags.

Here is a new dede Odgen design, a fox in the snow similar to the bear in the snow last summer.  This is made to be finished as an oval ottoman.

Here's another of the River Silks sachet kits.

The Needle Works in Austin has been busy!  Here's a nice summary about Painted Pony's birdhouse tree, cake plates from Cheryl Schaeffer, the Christmas cookie tree from Barbara Bergsten, Ruth Schmuff's alligator and crane pieces, and more.

Stitch Style Blog (Enriched Stitch) is having trouble blogging so Virginia refers us to Instagram.

Sew Much Fun's "Christmas Friends" model, courtesy of In Stitches.  Comes with a guide I think.

The Needlepoint in Paradise staff at the show.  I think they are looking at the Kate Dickerson booth.

Three photos of the Artist's Collection booth. Closeups!  We want closeups!

Another photo of Kreinik's new Chevron braid along with Julia Snyder's new book, courtesy of French Knot.

Here is one of the magnet and matching needle/bead cases from Accoutrement Designs.

Danji has a series of six new mini socks in their signature style.

The Sundance gals at the show!  Cassandra Prescott and her daughter Nandra.

Five photos of the A. Bradley booth.  Wish we could see the canvases better as I really like Ashley's work!

Somehow I missed these photos posted by Needle Works.  The canvases are Unique New Zealand, the rest I don't know.

Phillipa Turnbull "slip" canvases, distributed by Elizabeth Turner.  Stitch like Mary, Queen of Scots!

More booth shots, courtesy of TNNA's NP Group. These three are the booth for Annie Lane/J and J Graphics, distributed by TWNC Designs.

Three photographs of the Sundance booth.  I want to move in!

If you like Asian fans and vases and feminine designs, you will love these new Elizabeth Turner classics.

If you aren't that sort of feminine creature, Elizabeth Turner does Halloween, too.  Five photos.

Like BIG magnets?  Bedecked and Beadazzled has you and your canvas covered with Big Buddies from Elizabeth Turner.

TNNA's NP Group has posted photos of the Tapestry Fair booth on their Facebook page.  Day of the Dead, dimensional critters, and much more from florals to classical designs.

Bullion needles from Colonial Needle. Note they come with sharp or blunt points.

Amy's Golden Strand updated their January Market Day 1 photo album.  There are too many designers to list.

The Needlepoint Now magazine booth.  More smiling faces to put with names!

More people--this time it's Tony Minieri and Amy Bunger.  I think that's the Zecca booth in the background.

A Collection of Designs has a slide show on their website with a few of their newest canvases.

Four photos showing the Sew Much Fun booth, canvases and models.

More people at Market!  Meredith Willett (M's Canvashouse, Elizabeth Turner Designs) is in the middle flanked by the two Debs from the Stitchville USA shop.

RV Owner and Beach Alert!  Get the Point Oklahoma. has a new Home is Where the Waves Are canvas you might need.

Sew Much Fun has new 3-D critters.   Here is Monster Mash...

....and here is Sew Much Fun's Lucky Leprechaun.

Here are the Frankensteins (also Sew Much Fun).

And here are the Bride and Groom skeletons from Sew Much Fun.

Fleur de Paris has updated their website with the newest from the fabulous artists they distribute-dede Odgen, Joy Juarez, Machelle Somerville, Sandra Gilmore, SharonG, and Trubey Designs.

Vicky has also posted more new designs on her Facebook page.  The Point of It All Designs has a charming dogs with tropical drinks, the new Labors of Love cats all together on display, a new Scott Church of a skating elephant, and a photo of the Pepperberry booth with models on display.

Vicky DeAngelis posted  new SharonG designs.  Can't wait to see more from one of the most talented designers out there!

Village Needleworks has also posted a ton of photos on their Facebook page.  It's best to look at their photos to see the A Collection of Designs heart class model, Silver Needle's New Zealand ornament, Penny MacLeod's ladies, a display of the newest Alice Peterson Stitch and Zip designs, some unique door and chair finished pieces and their double-sided canvases (Cheryl Schaeffer and Annie Lane?), new Melissa Prince profession-themed squares, new designs from The Point of It All (including their very popular "Didn't Have to Unleash the Flying Monkeys" design and their lovely red Asian tote, Elizabeth Turner's klim bag and animal portraits, new Maggie animals (love the cat close ups of the sleeping kitty and the paw being licked).

Village Needleworks has posted photographs of Kelly Clark Christmas ornament models with their unstitched canvases.  There are the new decorated top hats, and samplers and some older pieces, too.

More people at work--this is Jill from River Silks.

Quail Run has updated their blog with the news the company won the best Multiple Booth award.  Congratulations!  Plus they have posted photos of new Penny MacLeod designs and more things which we've seen before.

The Artists Collection posted a photo of Brenda Palmer who designs the Mile High Princess line, on their Facebook page.  Nice to put a face to the name!

Park Avenue Needlepoint has posted two photos of booths on their Facebook page.  I think the first shows Associated Talent's models and the second is from Pippin's booth.  I think.

Raymond Crawford's booth, with lots of Christmas designs (two photos).

BB Needlepoint's booth with their fish designs.

Stitch By Stitch Larchmont has posted two photos of magnet needle minders from Accoutement Designs and Elizabeth Turner Collection.

The Needle Works has updated their Facebook page with some wonderful things.  There are finished models of the MacKenzie-Childs type ornaments from The Point of It All Designs, amazing cat portraits (I like the close up of the black cat peeking through the flowers) from Unique New Zealand Designs, Lani's new wine and cheese collage, Painted Pony's sorority crosses, the rabbits and gingerbread baker woman from Painted Pony's new designer Lynne Andrews Folk Art Designs, new Laurel Birch/Danji horses and cats, the Associated Talents patterned bunnies, Tapestry Fair's Day of the Dead ladies from Manuel Salas, Kirk and Bradley's Santa workshop and travel ornaments, Robbyn's Nest owl with wooden tree hole frame, and the Vicki Sawyer animals from Melissa Shirley Designs.

The Nimble Needle in Atlanta is updating their Facebook page with photographs.  So far I have spotted Easter carrots from Kathy Schenkel, a wonderful Debbie Mumm Up Up and Away Santa in his sled, Zecca's Floral Thoughts,  Annie Lane's Sweet Tea chicken, an absolutely gorgeous mirror frame from Colors of Praise, many of the Vicki Sawyer animals, new animals from Birds of a Feather, beautiful double-sided glasses cases from Colors of Praise, a hilarious dauschund from Eleanor Grosch,  Asian orchids from Juell/The Red Thread, and Pippin's repeat image pillows.

As she often does, Liz of Tapestry Tent/Susan Roberts paints on the show floor.

Sew Much Fun has two new Christmas ornaments that are terrific.  One is a dog house and the other is elves helping decorate. has updated their Facebook page with an album called TNNA Market 2015 full of new designs from Kirk and Bradley (they have a business relationship with K and B), Raymond Crawford,  Debbie Mumm, Vicki Sawyer, and Melissa Shirley.

Labors of Love has updated their website with their n ew dog and cat canvases, plus their 2015 limited edition canvas (Madame Pompadour), and more--all fun or wonderful or both.

Bristly Thistle loved the classes she took from Sandy Arthur (Leigh's Imari Rooster and JP's Black Beak owl.)  These canvases and Sandy's guides will be available for your local shop to order so you can have fun, too.

Bristly Thistle also loves Patti Mann's dimensional blue and white rooster.

Pocket Full of Stitches has a Saturday Market update on their blog.  There are photos of Annie Lane's funny animals, new things from Colors of Praise, Kelly Clark, Melissa Shirley (including items she distributes from the late John Johanssen and from Debbie Mumm), cute smalls and wonderful stockings from Rebecca Wood, Princess and Me cuties, Shelly Tribbey wonderful pieces, plus hilarious animals from Tapestry Fair and Unique New Zealand.

Pocket Full of Stitches is bringing lots of Birds of a Feather animal canvases home with them from the trade show.  They also will have the new Melissa Shirley Valentine's Day and Easter small pieces.

MAP Designs
has updated their website with their charming dogs and forest animals. I see that they are distributing some of the HP Designs Asian pieces, too.

What's the Point? Needlepoint posted over 100 photos to a Facebook album called Incredible New Designs.  There are too many to really describe well but I saw items from Pepperberry Designs, Danji, Associated Talents, Vicki Sawyer and Melissa Shirley, Rebecca Wood, Cooper Oaks, Kate Dickerson, Kelly Clark, Princess and Me, Pippin, Silken Straw, Artists Collection, Kathy Schenkel (see the new Christmas bags that resemble the Halloween ones), Jean Smith, The Point of It All Designs, Ewe and Eye, Maggie (Maggie's ice cream Summer banner will be a big hit),  Lani (her Easter collage and wine collar and one of her 1950s dresses),  Quail Run, and Sandra Gilmore.

Four more photos of Elizabeth Turner Collection designs and magnets.

Tony Minieri and Laura Taylor in the Elizabeth Turner Collection booth.

Robbyn's Nest Designs has posted three photos of their newest, often with a matching frame, and a photo of their booth at market.

Here's the Labors of Love booth.

Amy's Golden Strand has updated the Market Day One photo album with MAP Designs, Melissa Prince and A. Bradley designs.

Mostly Halloween pieces.  Designers not credited.

Four Patti Mann pieces.

Here are two photos of Little Bird's booth.  Cute!

I think these designs are from Colors of Praise but they aren't labeled.

Amy's Golden Strand  has added 41 photos to her new January Market Day One photo album on Facebook.  I see Annie Lane, MAP Designs, Wellesley, Kate Dickerson, Cheryl Schaeffer, Birds of a Feather, Tapestry Fair,  and Vicki Sawyer/Melissa Shirley.

Meredith Willett has posted a few of the eighteen new Vintage Dress designs from her Elizabeth Turner Designs series.  The second link is the Elizabeth Turner booth with the entire 18 visible.

A wood duck model from Elizabeth Turner Designs.

I think these three canvases are from Sundance but I am not certain.

Here is a new Joy Juarez of zebras and lotuses.

Alison Hodgkiss has posted photos from Labors of Love--two Halloween figures and three elephants with guides (that are probably from Needle Works).

Alison Hodgkiss has posted photos from Fleur de Paris of three of Sandra Gilmore's latest.  Small and simple Christmas trees, a Christmas interior in front of the fireplace and a gorgeous Santa stocking with snowflakes and greenery.

Alison Hodgkiss has posted photos of quite a few new Elizabeth Turner Collection canvases: florals, fans, stockings, several more large animal head portraits and a cute Halloween scene.

Alison Hodgkiss has posted a photo of dede Odgen's new Mexican creche design.  This has appeared in different sizes and configurations in dede's line over the years but this latest incarnation looks to be rather large.

Stitchville USA has identified the design pairs with the cute wagons--Cheryl Schaeffer!  The shop also posted some darling models of Danji's candy canes from CH Designs, Danji's penguins and igloos, Easter eggs, carrots and hearts models from Associated Talents, as well as shots from the AT booth.  Thanks, Debs!

Colleen at The Needle Works has blogged about all she's seen so far.

Barbara Bergsten's booth!

Melissa Shirley has updated her website.

TNNA has updated their FB page with photos from Needlepoint Showcase displays.  I see items from Little Bird Designs, Melissa Prince, Waterweave, Corina's Jewelry Design, Viola and many we have seen photographed before.

I found Corina's Jewelry Design's website so you can see her embroidered silver jewelry.

Leigh Designs has updated their website with new designs from the Jungle Heat series...

...with a new Think Pink color for their Ashland Sky project bags (love those!)...

and with a new item called Bag Bling which are scissors/key fobs that hang off your project bag or purse.  I've been carrying mine for months on my purse without it showing any sign or wear, or dropping my keys!

Associated Talents has added their new designs to their website---bunnies, mittens, carrots, eggs, hearts, stars and more!

Rogue Needlepoint has a new line of television-themed ornaments for fans of various programs.

Rogue also has new Companion canvases and new Abby characters.

TNNA's Needlepoint Group has added to their photo album of new canvases.  I particularly like the snowman with his red scarf whipping in the wind.  The designers aren't credited but some at least are from & More.

In Stitches has photographs of the new Elizabeth Turner Big Buddy magnets, Alice Peterson's lovely totes, Julia Snyder's new book cover and the Emily porcupine laying tools.

Denise DeRusha Designs has two new travel designs:  Guatalama and Portugal.

Louise's Needlework has posted six photos of the double-sided Me and My Wagon series.  Designer still unknown.

Needle in a Haystack has posted six photos of their Sample It! haul and some of the models on display Friday night.

Village Needleworks posted photos of two new Shelly Tribbey scissor case models that come with matching scissors.

Park Avenue Needlepoint posted two Maggie models in matching frames.

Park Avenue Needlepoint posted a photo of Leigh Design's model display at Showcase.  The stand ups are from Leigh's Russian Santas and Winter Maidens series plus two from the Lil Goblins series. The framed pieces in the background are from the Imari series.  Stitched by Sandy Arthur, Pat Miller and myself.

Village Needleworks posted photos of three different Associated Talents model pillows. These were featured in Needlepoint Now.

Quail Run has updated their blog with show and booth information.  You can see the porcupine quill laying tools, Michael Boren and Carole Lake's second book, a thread organizer zip up, and class models.

The Wool and The Floss managed to snag some fun things at Sample It!  Start here to see photos of different styles, colors and sizes of bells from The Collection, Danji's CH Designs candy canes, wool sheep needle minders from Camus International, and Viola's self-finishing luggage tags, Accoutrement Designs' magnets and needle/bead cases,

The new MacKenzie Childs ornaments and Chanel dolls from The Point of It All Designs. The second link is to two of their pillow models.

The Ruth Schmuff booth.

Selfies!  Here's Danielle of Birds of a Feather (left) and...

...Hyla Hurley (Point of It All Designs) in the center and Barbara of Stitch-Its.  The unidentified lady in both photos is Mary of Village Needleworks who talked the into posing.

Some of Whimsey and Grace's classic stars.

Park Avenue Needlepoint posted a photo of some of the guys behind Associated Talents posing with a few AT models.

Curious about JP Needlepoint's Hysterical Hooters series?  Here are standup models using the owls in historical dress canvases that Juli Poitras designed.  There are kings, queens, pirates and wenches!

Amy's Golden Strand has updated her Sample It and Needlework Showcase photo album with photos of the Emily porcupine quill laying tools and of the new Kreinik Chevrons colors.

There have been lots of comments on Facebook about the trade show location's strange carpets.  Here is one photo Amy Bunger took.

Randi of The World in Stitches has posted photographs of canvases she bought at Sample It! for her shop on her FB page.  There are a few Kelly Clark sampler pieces, a Cooper Oaks birdhouse , the Pepperberry gingerbread house that comes with a Vicky DeAngelis guide, four of Mindy's seasonal trees, the cute Associated Talents patterned rabbits many of which come with guides,  three new Threedles/Kurdy Biggs charts, Danji penguins and igloo, Sundance's All That Shimmers book that talks about how to use their new embellishment products, and two Fourth of July themed canvases that are a pair which come with a little cart to display with from an unknown but very clever designer.

Associated Talents' Carol Gantz posted a photo of their West Coast Finishing candy dishes decorated with two AT new bunny ornaments on a stick.

Tapestry Fair has updated their website with more of Edith Willis' flower with bug portraits, more Manuel Salas Day of the Dead portraits, Southwestern rock painting designs, two Russian village canvases, nesting dolls, classic floral sprays, decorated eggs with black and white checks, and some very cute dog and horse canvases from Peggi herself.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photographs of new things from A. Bradley, Danji and Needle Deeva.

Two of four Mindy seasonal trees that just came out, thanks to Village Needleworks.

Village Needleworks posted a stunning monogrammed purse by DJ Designs.  The monogram is beaded!

Danji Designs models of penguins and an igloo.

Louise's posted napkin rings (unknown designer).

Here's Black Beak (canvas by JP) taught by Sandy Arthur at Market.

The Needle Bug posted lovely magnet easels for storing those needle magnets when not in use.

Here's a photo of the Needlepoint Now magazine booth.

Stitch By Stitch has posted two photos of Annie Lane and Leigh models.  The second link has small flasks and a cute standup pair of an Indian boy pulling a wagon holding a howling coyote.  Designers are not identified.

The Needle Works posted some lovely scissor fobs as well as 7 other photos, mostly unidentified.

Amy's Golden Strand has created a photo album for Sample It! and Needlework Showcase photographs on Facebook.  There are Leigh Designs Russian Maidens and a Santa plus two of the large Imari designs framed, a Kate Dickerson game board and letter lollipops, Annie Lane cows and a cat, very pretty Alice Peterson tote bags and a stitched pillow, the JP Needlepoint standup Royal owls,  Chanel dolls by The Point of It All Designs, a gorgeous DJ Designs scissors case, and more.

Village Needleworks is posting photos from Sample It! on their Facebook page.  I see Whimsey and Grace, Patti Mann, Maggie, and class kits from the TNNA classes held for shop owners.

Let the fun begin!  Here's a Patti Mann dimensional rooster, posted by Needle Works in Austion.

Oh boy!  The Treglown Designs booth is up!  Think lots of great canvases including Charley Harper.  Speaking of Charley Harper, there are seven photos of finished CH models in the second link below.

Lani mentioned on Facebook her new collage design for the Phoenix show is a wine and cheese collage.  Sorry, no pictures yet.

The TNNA NP Group has also posted photographs of new Whimsey and Grace designs on Facebook.  Wait'll you see the fabulous red and white purse and coin purse designs!  There is a star, a metallic geometric and a lovely William Morris-inspired pair of birds as well.

The TNNA NP Group has posted photos of new & More designs, the cover of Julia Synder's newest book and a canvas from Rosanne Beck, a new designer they will be distributing on Facebook.

Here's a new Zecca canvas featuring bird silhouettes and a Buddha saying.

Beehive Needlepoint has some darling new cuffs designed by Rachel Donley Needlepoint.  Scroll down through the comments to see photos of finished cuffs.

River Silks has also posted a booth set up photo on Facebook.

Visit Kreinik's Facebook page to see photos of their arrival and booth setup at Market.

Virginia from Enriched Stitch finally made it to Phoenix!

Pajamas and Chocolate has updated their website with new items.  There are new horse items, new patchwork animals and people, the new bead box mentioned earlier and more visor canvases.  Plus there are some lovely simple crosses and the first Chinese Year of the Sheep canvas I've seen.  Don't miss the Witches Through Time stand ups!

A Collection of Designs has updated their website with some new fun pieces.  I don't think everyone under What's New is brand new, though.

Here is a new Shelley Tribbey Halloween design, stitched by Cynthia Thomas (so there will probably be a guide available), and finished at Needlepoint Plus into a pillow.

Tapestry Fair has posted a photo of one of a series of new florals from Edith Willis.  I love the snail crawling across the daisy-like flowers.

Raymond M. Crawford Needlepoint has updated their website with the new items.  There is a snow globe series, a new Nativity set, several classic Santas and snowmen, a fun owl series (love the white owl!), more robots and a monster series and more.

Labors of Love has posted another new cat canvas, this time a Siamese.

Looks like Lani has new dress and purse canvases.

Barbi Sherman (Canvas Art by Barbi) has posted photos of four of her new "Fairy Doors in the Mist" series on Facebook.  I love imagining what lies behind each door!

Raymond Crawford has uploaded two photos to his Facebook page.  There is a snowman couple and a classic Santa profile.

BB Needlepoint Designs just posted two cupcake themed new pieces on Facebook. I am now hungry!

Ruth Schmuff has posted a photo of the cover and an inside page of Julia Snyder's new book on Facebook.

The TNNA NP Group has posted photos of Rainbow Gallery's new Entice thread plus five other photos of new colors in their existing thread lines as well as a photo of the new book from Carole Lake and Michael Boren that RG will distribute.

The TNNA NP Group has posted photos of new Associated Talents designs on their FB page.  There's a smiling snowman, tiny snowflake ornaments, polka dot ornaments, a snowman and gingerbread house stocking and small patterned hearts ornaments.

Tapestry Fair has introduced new "almost custom" pillows called Pillow Garden with inserts for stitching.  There are at least four styles.  All you have to do is stitch the center and then stuff the inserts with a cushion.  You don't even have to sew up the open side--there are doubled sided fabric tapes you can use to close the opening if you prefer.

JP Needlepoint has a new website!  The home page shows off some of the new designs for January 2015.  The second link is to the New Designs section.

Patt and Lee has two new wearable sun visors to stitch.

Raymond Crawford has a new snooty poodle canvas.  This also comes in white.

Besides the new cat portraits, Labors of Love has a new English Bulldog canvas. They say there are ten cats, and two other new dog portraits.

Patt and Lee have new wooden bead storage boxes, complete with space for a canvas in front.

TNNA's NP Group has posted two photos of new Vicki Sawyer/Melissa Shirley designs on Facebook.  One is chicks with their mother hen and the other birds looking at a guilty squirrel who's eaten everything.  All in party hats.

River Silks is introducing lavender sachet bag kits in six different patterns at Market.

Carol Gantz of Associated Talents has posted a photo of one of her Easter egg patterns, a bunny.

Machelle Sommerville has posted three photos of new designs on Facebook. Two are here and the third, a beautiful floral, can be seen at the second link below.

Associated Talents has new small patterned bunny designs.  Too cute to be legal!

TNNA's NP Group has added four new Kate Dickerson designs to their Facebook page.  There is a colorful cone, two patterned hearts and a group of blue dogwoods shown.

Zecca has updated their website with the latest fun designs.  I love the birds (especially the hawk) and the wicked fox but I think the "bird on quilt block" and the birds of paradise series will be wildly popular.

Jean Smith Designs has posted many new colorful florals on her website.  Click on the thumbnails to see more of that size.  Love the eight inch Small Ranuculas!

Labors of Love is introducing cat portraits similar to their popular dog portraits from last year.  There are six photos posted by the TNNA NP Group on Facebook.

A. Bradley Needle Arts has a new Veggie Santa.

Get the Point/CBK Designs has posted four photos of new designs (a classic Santa with peppermints, and three geometrics) on Facebook.

J. Malahy Designs has a series of six very cute sock monkey canvases coming out at the show! Peacock Alley posted three photos on their FB page.

There are four new Patti Mann animal canvases posted on the TNNA NP Group's Facebook page-dog, horse, goat, owls.

Emily Hennessey has posted four photos of the African porcupine quill laying tools she'll be taking to Market on Facebook.  When they are gone, they're gone!

Pepperberry Designs has updated their website with the latest designs and in some cases, matching magnets. I think their Gingerbread House will be a best seller, don't you?

Ewe and Eye and Friends has posted five new floral still life designs in their signature style on Facebook. I particularly like the daffodils in a watering can with the tiny birds perched on the can.  There is also a primitive angel piece that is quite nice.

Danji Designs has updated their Facebook page with new designs.  New Laurel Birch Wild Cats in a row, new horses in a row, and a single cat face, plus they have three new girl and three new boy penguins in sweaters and a wonderful igloo decorated for Christmas.

Danji's new igloo shows off Rainbow Gallery's new thread. Entice!

TNNA's Needlepoint Group has posted photographs of new Fleur de Paris designs from Joy Juarez, Sandra Gilmore and Machelle Sommerville on Facebook.

Purple Palm Designs has posted another colorful watercolor waterfront design from Ellen called "Marina Jack"on Facebook.

Unique New Zealand Designs has posted their newest things on their website, including new items from Vicky Mount and Mindy Carpenter and Anna See. If you like animal designs, funny sayings or graphics, you need to check it out.

The TNNA NP Group has added four photos of new Julie Mar and Friends designs to their FB page.

Ruth Schmuff has added a new designer to her group--lulu mypinkturtle.  As you can imagine, the designs are whimsical people and animals.

Patt and Lee has posted a photo of a patchwork Scottie on their Facebook page.  This is from their Pajamas and Chocolate hand painted line.  They also have posted their new Giraffe Lips design on their FB page.

Randi has fallen in love with a new Melissa Shirley canvas that's not on her website yet.  Can you blame her?

The Artists Collection has shipped a few things to market.

It continues to be a good show for new books with Julia Snyder posting the cover of her latest--
"Just Stitches I Use."

Barbara Elmore/Sundance Designs has posted a photograph of her Botticelli style mermaid on Facebook.  She has also posted a glimpse of how she is stitching it (second and third links below).

Accoutrement Designs posts the new magnets and cases that will be available (some only for a limited time) at TNNA.

Melissa Shirley has posted new Easter and Valentine canvases on her website!  Some are from Melissa herself while others are from Debbie Mumm and Vicki Sawyer.

Barbara Bergsten has posted four pages of new design information.  The "How Long 'til Vacation?" sign cracks me up!

Here's are new Maggie florals, posted on Facebook by TNNA's NP Group.

Raymond Crawford has posted another in his Muse series (with stitch guides by Tony Minieri)-Thalia!  These are exclusive to The Edwardian Needle in New Jersey.  The second link shows the entire series which will be a club at Edwardian Needle.

Devon Nicholson's DND Company has a new series, "Stitching on the Go!".  The canvases show a person stitching in various settings.  Cute!

Cooper Oaks has posted six photographs of new designs on Facebook.  Use the side arrows to see all the new things.  I like the snow boots filled with greenery myself but there are some nice birds and William Morris graphics.

SharonG has dropped a hint on Facebook that her next book,  "It's About DARN Time!", should be ready at the TNNA show.  Speaking of books, Carole Lake's and Michael Boren's new book will be out shortly, too.

Robyn's Nest Designs has posted four photographs of new designs (three with matching frames) for the January show on Facebook.  Use the side arrows to see them all.;FTFR8XnJZogqkHISNvA7EtFVqp81kEc9~_~;~_ofOF~;fPN99A7eEE8I~-.bps.a.798689273510306.1073741859.197928186919754/798689366843630/?type=1&theater

TNNA's Needlepoint Group has posted two photographs of new Tapestry Fair pieces on Facebook.  Use the side arrows to see them both.

The Artists Collection posed a photo of Mile High Princess' "Onward Ho" on Facebook.  The canvas comes with a stitch guide and will be available in January.

Kate Dickenson/KSH Needlepoint has added photographs of new designs to her Facebook page.

TNNA's Needlepoint Group has posted photos of four new (or newish) designs from Quail Run on their Facebook page.

A Collection of Designs has posted a photo of the class that Ruth Dilts and Joan Lohr are teaching at TNNA featuring one of the three hearts from their "Hearts and Flowers" series.  They have also posted a photo of a new stocking decorated with Christmas balls and bells to released in January 2015 (second link below).

Carol Dupree has introduced new college-themed items:  bean bags!

Needle Deeva has posted photos of two new carrot designs on Facebook.  Use the side arrows to see the second.

Barbara Elmore just introduced new Christmas and Hanukkah stitcher ornaments.  You can see both  on Facebook by using the side arrows and order them from Sundance Designs.

Jenny Henry Designs has introduced new DIY stitched jewelry kits via their Etsy page.  You can get broaches or necklaces in a variety of patterns.

JP Needlepoint's "Black Beak" will be taught at TNNA by Sandy Arthur.   I don't know if Sandy will be teaching this later or if the instructions will immediately be released as a stitch guide.

Wendy from One Off Needlework has three new flower designs on 10 count which are small and fast to stitch.  If you love the idea of doing something that is fast, this might be for you.  The available canvases are Vintage Rose, Viola and Poinsettia.

Needle in a Haystack just posted photos of the new thread cutter pendants from Bohin.  The enamel fronts make them look like jewelry!  Use the right arrow to see closeups.

Barbara's Needlepoint shows off a new design from Cindy--a mistletoe ornament.

Sandy Arthur shows off the three wonderful classes she will be teaching shop owners at Market--Leigh Designs' Imari Flaming Fowl, Susan Roberts' Santa and Reindeer, and JP Needlepoint's Captain Blackbeak Hooter.  A good time is guaranteed for all students of Sandy's.

Vicky shows off the charming new Pepperberry snowy Gingerbread House canvas with matching magnet.  Vicky's guide and the canvas will be available in January from Pepperberry.

Planet Earth Fiber now offers sterling silver beads!

Kate Dickerson has a wonderful collar coming out in January along with coordinating belt, cuff and shoes.

Ruth Dilts has posted a photograph of the class she and Joan Lohr are teaching at the TNNA January show.  Sorry, I don't know the designer's name.

Trish Burr's new book, Miniature Needle Painting:  Vintage Portraits, Florals and Birds, will be released in December, January and February, depending on your country.  The details and photos of the projects, are on Trish's site.

Natalia has announced that Natalia's Fine Needlework has a chart for a Spanish Savonnerie rug available from her Etsy shop or website.  This is a copy of an antique rug and is a miniature chart for silk gauze, either 40 or 50 count, using DMC cotton.

Ridgewood announced they will have the Hanukkah House exclusive to the shop in 2015.  There is also a gingerbread house.  The designer is uncredited.

Jody Valentine has a new bow canvas to go along with her ornament series.  You can get a bow separately or made to coordinate with the ornament you plan to stitch.

Barbara's Needlepoint has a brand new Duck series from Ann Hansen.  There is a Mommy duck, four babies and the Ugly duckling--all adorable!  They are on 13 count.  Momma is 13x9 inches, the yellow babies are 7x5 inches and Ugly is around an inch smaller than its yellow siblings.

Kimberly's newest design "Blossom" is finished.  She says it reminds her of broccoli but if so, it's the most elaborate and beautiful broccoli stem known to man!

Kate Dickenson has a new Twelve Pears of Christmas series.  Not everything is designed yet but there are photos of the first two on Facebook--here is Day One and further down Kate herself posted Day Two and a photo of Day One finished into a pear shape.  Nice!

Laura Taylor will teach "Saguaro Table" from Melissa Shirley Designs, "Fiesta Garden" from Sundance Designs and a "Thanksgiving Table" from NeedleDeeva at the TNNA show.  Photos of all three unstitched canvases are on Facebook.  Stitch guides will be available after the January classes for the shops at TNNA.  Use the side arrows to see all three.

Needle Delights Originals has posted glimpses of  Kathy's latest design.

Joan Eidman has a new series of Byzantine Angels for her Fiori line of painted canvases distributed by Dream House Ventures.  They come in various sizes and shapes.  The Cloisonne Angels are the second link below.

Purple Palm Designs is adding a brand new Southwestern artist to their lines--Sharon Weiser.

Kate Dickerson/KSH Needlepoint Collections has posted photos of six new designs on their Facebook page.  There are two butterfly designs, a whale shape with a coral pattern and waves, an initial in their signature bright pinks and greens, a floral and a vaguely William Morris-style two piece glasses case.

ABS Designs has sketched out a quick piece to stitch for a friend with lots of animals.  Anne will be stitching this herself as a present but I bet if you ask nicely she'll add this simple and charming piece to her painted canvas line.

Orna Willis continues work on her new bird series. Here's a sneak peek at the stitched painted canvas so far.

Hands on Design has a new lovely quilt-inspired pattern called "Holiday Bells" that is very pretty in holiday reds and greens.

Painted Pony Designs has posted photos of four new travel angels on their Facebook page.  The new angels are for Thailand, Mesa Verde/Four Corners, Tahiti, and Fort Worth.

Due to popular demand, Jody Valentine has a new limited edition pickle design.

Lucinda Gregory of Needle Art Always has a new Thanksgiving house that is dimensional.  There are four photographs, one of each side, so use the right and left arrows to see the whole thing.

In stitch guide news, Cynthia Thomas has finished a guide for Maggie's "Laugh."  If you love birds and giggles, this one is for you.

Sally Corey Designs has a new geometric piece called "Bahama" and a stitch guide for it on her website.

A Needle Deeva sneak peek at a charming winter Christmas house.

Joan Eidman of Flori/Dream House Ventures has a new design--The Texas Boots!  Each boot in a row is different and spells out T-E-X-A-S.  Each boot also has something special about Texas in or on it, too.

Michele Noiset of CBK Designs has a new square Santa with Sack of Presents design.

Orna Willis' Samburu necklace kits are now available!

Here is one of the classes that Sandy Arthur will teach at the TNNA show - JP Needlepoint's "Blackbeak" from their Historical Hooter owls series.  For the companion piece, see the second link below.

JP Needlepoint has a new pirate owl called Blackbeard's Wench as a companion for Sandy's class piece by the way. Here it is--

Nenah Stone Needlepoint Design posted photos of three new Christmas round ornaments on their Facebook page.  Use the right arrow to see the cat and mouse in the Christmas tree branches and the Santa putting a scarf on the snowman designs.

Melissa Shirley has posted a photograph of a new Easter Basket canvas on Facebook.  Chicks, eggs and a bunny plus flowers in a white basket that looks like a picket fence.

Ruth Dilts and Joan Lohr are teaming up to teach the shop owners this adorable Raymond Crawford Santa Robot at TNNA this winter.

Puffin and Company has a new pear themed metal needle nanny, showcased here by Needlework Retailer News. is working with new artists who have created some fun but traditional Christmas pieces.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off the newest magnet designs from Elizabeth Turner Collection.  A jockey magnet?  How cute is THAT?!

Karen Hennessy of Zecca just finished stitching one of her fabulous designs.

Susan Johnson of SJ Designs has posted a photo of her "18th Century Sampler" on Facebook.  This all white piece on needlepoint canvas will be available in early 2015 once Susan gets the instructions rewritten.  UPDATE:  You can see the photo Susan posted at the World in Stitches, in case you don't see the FB photo (second link).  The shop will do it as a class.

The Royal School of Embroidery has introduced a limited edition Arts and Crafts inspired robin kit by Nicola Jarvis.  This is a stamped kit that includes Appleton wools to stitch it.  It doesn't say what size needlepoint canvas is used but their other kits (second link) all seem to be on 12 count.

Orna Willis is adding to her Birdie series!

Ruth Schmuff is also introducing a new artist--MaryJane Mitchell.  MaryJane does wonderful dog and cat canvases.  You can see more in the second link to the Bedecked and Beadazzled website.

Patti Mann Designs is introducing a new artists in January--Terrell Powell.  You can see four of his colorful and playful animal designs here.

Tony Minieri has a new design called "The Dallas Medallion".  There are four color ways so far, each named after an area in Dallas.   Use the side arrows to see two of the four.  Tony just posted a photo of the full design (second link below).  This is a class piece only at this time.

Kimberly has just revealed snippets of a new design that seems to feature a castle on a hill with a dragon at the base.  Oh, boy oh boy!

Ruth Schmuff has just revealed the newest Ryn monster canvas, the Monster Geisha.  There are four monsters to date.  You can see them at all the second link below.

Leigh Designs has just announced companions to last year's Russian Santa series.  These are called the Winter Maidens.  They are the same size as the Santas.

The newest design from Needle Delights Originals is called "Ripple Rotation 2."  It's at the printers' now so will be available shortly.

Raymond Crawford, The Edwardian Needle and Tony Minieri are up to no good!

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