Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Quick Lesson on Reverse Couching UPDATED

Between sessions of Japanese Embroidery, Carol-Anne of the Coral Seas blog took a Tanja Berlin Tanya Bentham course and learned about reverse couching in gold work.  Reverse couching can be used to create intricate goldwork patterns with metallic threads so I thought you'd like to hear what Carol-Anne learned.  Click on the little photos for a really good look.

UPDATE:  Nupur says that Carol-Anne took the class with Tanya Bentham instead of Tanja Berlin.  Sorry!  My apologies to everyone, particularly since I've followed Tanja's blog for several years without realizing that is who was posting.  Here's the link.

I'm leaving up the link to Tanja Berlin's website, since it is a fun visit for everyone, too.  Sorry for the confusion!  And thanks for straightening me out, Nupur.

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