Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Breaking News: Mary's Whimsical Small Stitches is Out UPDATED

Mary Legallet's fourth book, Mary's Whimsical Small Stitches, is out.  As the title says, this 6x9 inche spiral bound book covers small stitches.  There are five sections:  Classic, Balanced, Diagonal, Layered and Straight.

Mary's website has a bit about the newest volume in her series of stitch diagram books. It looks like volume four has QR codes so you can go straight to a stitch sample with your smart phone instead of having to type in a URL.  I can't confirm this, however.  I haven't seen the book yet.  But Homestead Needle Arts confirmed this (see Update #2 below).

You'll have to order from your favorite shop.  Mary doesn't sell directly to stitchers.

UPDATE:  Just heard the new Small Stitches will start shipping in June.  i of the Needle describes the book this way:

"It's filled with the content you love, with a specific focus on small stitches. 

Content includes:
Just over 200 small stitches, including updated and sequenced diagrams from the #whimsicalwednesday blog and a cache of previously unpublished stitches from class projects and private lessons.
Guidance on overall stitch planning with detailed insight on selecting the right small stitches for your project. 

Upgraded navigation insight. Navigation insight is provided on select stitches to help a stitcher confidently manage the stitch. Insight ranges from open stitch sequencing and tricks to minimize visible threads from the back of the canvas, help with complex stitches, and/or offer explanations on how to approach variations of the same stitch (as needed). 

Five chapters of stitches, including Classic, Balanced, Diagonal, Layered, and Straight.
The popular chapter and alphabetical indexes are included in Volume 4. Full-coverage stitches are called out in the indexes, making them easier to find."

UPDATE #2:  Homestead Needle Arts has a nice mini review in their shop newsletter.  Note that now you can scan a QR code to see the stitch sample of the stitch using your smart phone!  

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Stereotypes About Men and Women Stitching Persist

Dr. Jessica Grimm, a specialist in medieval embroidery, has a fascinating article on her blog about the modern stereotypes we have about male and female stitchers--which were firmly in place in the 14th and 15th Century!

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