Monday, June 1, 2020

What the Heck is a Broche? UPDATED

People who are intrigued by needlework tools and those who do goldwork will be fascinated by Jessica Grimm's article on the goldwork spindle known as a broche in French.  (In Dutch it is called a brodse; Germans call it a Bretsche.)  Basically, it is a spool for goldwork threads so that you can protect them from tarnishing by not touching them once they are rolled onto the spindle.   Jessica has a nice video demonstrating how these are used in her article and a lot of history of this specialty tool.  If you are familiar with the koma used in Japanese embroidery, you'll understand how these are used instantly.

Jessica has arranged to have a local craftsman reproduce these.  Keep an eye on her webstore if you want one.

UPDATE:  Here's more about a broche in a new film about their history and use.

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