Sunday, November 7, 2010

100 Followers, 1 Book

Sometime Friday the 100th "follower" signed up to get Blog's postings via Google's Friend Connect system.  That's amazing!  I want to celebrate so I invite any of the 100 followers to post a comment here to enter a drawing for a copy of Brenda Hart's Stitches for the Millennium.  I have a lovely pristine copy courtesy of a friend who doesn't use the book.

Long time readers of Blog know I love Brenda's books and use her Favorite Stitches 1 and Favorite Stitches 2 and Stitches for the Millennium constantly.  Brenda is a widely traveled teacher who constantly is coming up with interesting ideas for needlepoint canvases.  I'll let folks post comments here until next Wednesday.  That way I can announce the winner on Thursday after a random drawing of all those who comment and perhaps get the book in the mail to them by Friday.

Thanks very much for all your support.  Remember, if the comment system won't work for you, you may email me at chilly hollowathotmail dotcom to be entered in the drawing.

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