Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Touch of Gold at the Finish

Yesterday I took one last look at the Stuart Plaid Lion, trying to figure out if the lion's body and mane was finished or if I needed to add more stem stitches here and there.  I ended up adding a few highlights to the mane using a strand of Accentuate (gold #024) and then laid long stitches with the same thread across the diagonal red skip tent stitch background.   The skip tent stitches run from the NE to the SW and the long gold Accentuate stitches are laid from the NW to the SE.  Using a little Accentuate adds a bit of pizzazz to the canvas.  This is a royal symbol of the Stuart line of English kings and queens, after all!

I think this design is finished but I'll take one last look today before sending it off to Leigh to be made up into a model while I write the stitch guide.

On another topic entirely, Old World Designs' website page about their monthly club of California ornaments has updated to show photos of all the designs in stitched form.  Love that cable car!

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