Friday, March 12, 2021

Hiding Carry Threads on the Back Side

Tara's snowman canvas (and original design) is darling, isn't it?  EDIT:  Sorry, folks, Tara's taken down her snowman picture so I can't show it.  But I can describe it.  There was a square border inside of which was a cute snowman standing on piles of snow with a few flakes falling from the skies.  The canvas background wasn't stitched. except for the white stars.  How did she do the stars without the threads that run from each star to the next showing?  She put a piece of blue mottled fabric behind the canvas and stitched the stars through both the fabric and the canvas.  The next time you have a light coverage background and worry about the carry threads showing, think of this.

Tara's very clever!  

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