Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shopping the Unique

The shop at Thistle Threads finally has enough stock of their reproduction embroidery supplies to open their doors to those who aren't taking their reproduction casket or stumpwork mirror classes. Shop early as they offer reprodution items in small quantities that are impossible to get anywhere else.  (By the way, gift certificates can be found under "Special Items.")

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Gift Ornaments and More

I thought you'd enjoy seeing these gift ornaments stitched for lucky recipients. While you look I'm going to try and come up with a scheme to get on the gift list of these talented stitchers.

I don't know if this is a present but the turkey work is spectacular.

I don't know who will end up with these Christmas kisses from Barbara Bergsten but they are sweet.

The birthday plaid pillow is a classic!

Wait until you see the ornaments Vicky stitched for herself.

Stephanie did stockings for her nieces and they are classics.

Check out this beautiful siddur cover! (By the way, a siddar is a daily prayer book.  I'm not Jewish so I had to look it up.)

Kathleen has a great little custom football player!

Quail Run shows off customer ornaments that are geared toward the interests of the recipients.

This men's change purse was quick and clever in design.

Suzanne isn't sure what she is doing with this ornament with a traditional theme in non-traditional Christmas colors.

Ornaments aren't the only needlepoint gifts.  How spectacular is this vest going to be?  VERY!

Finally, here is Jane's Christmas stocking.  It has been a long stitch but the end result is worth all that time and expense.  This posting showcases the finishing but the second shows off Jane's stitching better.

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