Monday, July 16, 2012

Introducing Owlcutus of Borg

Any Star Trek: The New Generation fan will remember Locutus of Borg.  The rest of Blog's readers will have to look at this link to appreciate the joke when a friend of mine christened my owl from the Belleza Day of the Dead canvas Owlcutus of Borg.

What you see to the left of the bird is a flat steel washer.  I planned to use two size 8 washers as the owl's eyes.  What you see above is one washer in position, covered in satin stitches, and the second washer before it was put in place.  However, once I covered the first washer, I realized how out of proportion the eyes were to the rest of the owl's head and body.  Remember, this is a big canvas with a lot going on.  I decided washer eyes that were this big and prominent were a mistake, and removed the washer I'd covered.  Instead, I used stacked sequins for the eyes and a stopper bead for the pupil.

Owlcutus is no longer Borg.  He's just a little owl again.  The moral is proportion is everything on a needlepoint canvas--unless of course you are aiming to create cyborg owls!

The Scanner makes the eyes look different but they really are identical.

P.S. Can you see the slobber mark on the right any more?

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Consider the Needlepoint Mirror

In her ongoing series of unusual ways to finish and display needlepoint, Carolyn Hedge Baird looks at needlepoint mirrors.

I did a wonderful little canvas that read

"Mirror Mirror on the Wall
 I'm My Mother After All"

for the ANG Auction one year.   It was beautifully framed in a gold frame with a similar pattern as the Scotch stitches I used, and was a colorful and happy piece.  I just wish I had a photo of the finished item to show you.  It opened my eyes to the magic a good framer and a mirror can add to your stitching.

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