Saturday, May 13, 2023

New Belt Finisher in Atlanta

Recently there was a discussion on Needlepoint Nation about belt finishing, specifically which belt finishers glue the leather backing on and which stitch it.  If you are a member of the FB group, you can read the discussion here which includes mention of a new belt finisher to me--House of Fleming.

If you aren't a member, folks say Sign of the Arrow (which does a LOT of belt finishing) uses a finisher that uses glue but their belts stay glued even after years of use.  Hilltop Leather, Chuck Pinnell and House of Fleming all stitch their belts.  Wool and the Floss belt finishing is apparently stitched and right now they are offering a week or two turnaround time.  (Remember, pricing and turn around times will vary so ask ahead to know exactly what you need to do in terms of extra rows at the top/bottom, how much of your stitching will be covered by the buckle leather, whether it will be glued or stitched, etc.)

I'd never heard of House of Fleming so I looked at their website.  It's an Atlanta company that offers a variety of leathers and that folks say communicates well.  

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