Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Breaking News: Straw Silk Color Palettes

Silk Road Fibers has collaborated with Needlepoint Clubhouse to introduce Straw Silk palettes of five shades of colors.  Currently there are blues, pinks, greens, reds and a set of neon bright colors.  (More are coming.). These are different colors than what are in their regular line of Straw Silk and all five on a card coordinate.  The five card colors are each half the size of the regular skein (6 yards in each color of the five color set versus 11+ yards in the regular skein) .  These are brand new and just now arriving in the shops.

If you aren't familiar with Straw Silk, this Needlepoint.com video is a good introduction.

The Silk Road Fibers website shows all 102 of the regular colors if you want to browse.  

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