Monday, July 4, 2016

Live Every Week Like It's Shark Week UPDATED

Shark Week!

Discovery Channel's Shark Week has gone into our common language with a lot of fun sayings and--of course!--needlepoint designs.   I thought I'd collect the ones I know about for your stitching pleasure so you can celebrate sharks in stitching style.

Kathy Schenkel has a darling mini sock, complete with felt shark insert.

Kathy has also put sharks on a tooth fairy pillow, complete with pocket. The second link below is a finished pillow from Barbara's Needlepoint.

Rogue Needlepoint has two round ornaments, one of which you see above.

If you want something more realistic, Waterweave has a superb underwater portrait of a card shark.

For a more whimsical look, how about this floral shark?

If you are in a rush for the perfect summer belt, this Tucker Blair "Jaws" pre-made belt might be right for you.

Or maybe a key fob? This one is a pre-made item from Smathers and Branson.

Melissa Prince has a movie coaster for Finding Nemo with a pretty large toothy shark.

There is even a shark needle minder available from Rogue Needlepoint!

For finishing, you can find real shark's teeth and shark tooth charms all over Etsy.

Lampwork shark beads are also available, although they are usually rather large.

Have fun and keep your teeth to yourself!  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go scare myself silly in front of the TV.

UPDATE:  Donna noticed I missed the Jaws movie coaster from Melissa Prince Designs.  Thanks!

UPDATE #2:  Here's the design stitched by Suzie at Enriched Stitch.

UPDATE #3:  Pippin has Chomp.  LOL

UPDATE #4:  Santa Jaws, from Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery (VNG).

UPDATE #5:  Rogue Needlepoint has an anniversary shark week design for 2018.

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