Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'll Stitch Background While You Head Over There

I finally finished the blue sky behind the snowman yesterday.  I like how it looks, with the open stitch adding depth and texture behind the snowman.  I will add the white snowflakes later on.  I think I will wait until more of the piece is stitched before I decide between beads or metallic threads for the flakes floating down around the snowman and his Christmas presents.  I think he's walking across the snow to deliver presents to his friends, don't you?

Since nothing is more boring than looking at background, I should point out that the length of his stocking cap is stitched.  The white stripes are done with Impressions and the gray highlights are Medici wool.  These two threads are similar in diameter and both are fuzzy so they look good together.  The red stripes are done with two shades of Trio.  I separated the Trio into three strands and stitched with just one of them.  I wanted something close to the diameter of Impressions and Medici if possible.  Trio is a little fatter but I pulled my tent stitches taut which helped them look similar to the white stripes.

While I debate which section to work on next, I have some goodies for you to see.  TNNA has changed their World of Needlepoint site.  Now it has profiles of various designers and shops, and also a series of photos of finished pieces to admire.  Here are the photos of finished projects.  See the little Info rectangle below the photo at the left?  Click on that for more information, usually the designer and sometimes the stitcher and finisher.  Click on Featured Artist or Featured Shop to read all about the folks who cater to our needle needs.

Jan Sprague has added tips to her Stitchlady's Adventures blog.   I've never heard of keeping a sharp needle handy for tying off.  How clever!

Finally, if you are from Michigan, you have to go look at Peacock Alley's Michigan Memories club.  Each canvas is shaped like the state of Michigan but within its borders are fun activities that you can do there.  It is an unusual monthly club but one that is sure to be a big hit for Michigan stitchers.  If you can't decide, visit the second link for more Michigan-themed canvases.  Those are not part of the series but they celebrate Michigan also.  Pat, this is for you!

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