Thursday, July 20, 2023

How to Attach Needlepoint to Pottery

Jenya Rose explains how to attach needlepoint to the outside of pottery in this posting on Facebook's Needlepoint Nation.

For those without a Facebook account, Jenya Rose says:

"Some of you asked for instructions for finishing needlepoint onto pottery:
Cut canvas to half inch from stitching, fold under, make all cuts for rounded sections, etc before adding glue. Once you're happy with shape and you see at least 1 stitch in on back (so no canvas is visible on front) use Ailenes Tack Glue and sewing clips to set. 

Make 2 photocopies of design (I did 1 color, 1 b&w). Use 1 to decide on placement, use one as a cutout, tape the outside of template onto vase, sand inside design area (I used a Dremel with stone grinding bit) just to rough up glaze. 

Remove sewing clips, put 1 piece painter's tape across vase so placement is straight. Cover back of canvas with E6000 glue, place. Put photocopy of design on top of canvas and tape across surface to adhere tightly to vase. Leave for 30 min., remove tape and paper. Let cure for 24 hours.
White vase seems best for first time (matches blank canvas in case any is visible)."

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