Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Learning Art String Type Stitches

If you are starting to do more charted designs, you'll run into some stitches that look hard, like the Double Fan Doubled or the Chilly Hollow Stitch.  If you are planning to do a lot of these "art string" type stitches, buying volumes one and two of Carole Lake's Twisty Stitches makes sense.  

But if you are just starting to do these things and you may never do another project with them in it, or you are a visual person, videos to teach you online would be great.

Debbie Rowley of DebBee's Designs has produced as series of videos demonstrating some of these monsters.  Here's the video about Double Fan Doubled stitch--

Here's my personal favorite, her video on the Chilly Hollow stitch.

Debbie's YouTube channel has several videos about these unusual stitches.  Explore and see what you can learn here-

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