Tuesday, November 2, 2021

FlossTube Finer Finishing Tips: The Casket Finishing Movie Series

Rachel Kinnison is starting to post a series of videos on covering boxes with needlework that might be of interest if you have a box you want to cover with needlepoint. Rachel plans on a finishing class later on that will go into more depth, by the way, so if that is of interest, keep an eye on her blog.

Want to see examples of Rachel's finished boxes?  This is a beaded stump work casket done in the 17th Century style.

Rachel's first video talks about sourcing boxes.

The second shows how to make a simple paper template of your box.

How to add little bun feet to the Botton of your box.  (Note, you can just glue these on using her non-measuring technique to place each one in the same position.)

How to make partitions inside your box.

Rachel talks about covering your boxes with paper, acid free glue, the tools she uses when gluing, and covering hinges so the trim over them is level.

The next two videos show cutting paper to cover the box's edges and gluing it into place.  Remember, you are the boss of the glue!

This shows how to cut your paper before you glue it on the casket.

Now it's time to glue the paper on the outside of the casket.  This is a two part video.

Finishing the inside of the box.

Sizing the embroidery for the outside of your box BEFORE you start stitching by framing the ground fabric first.

Prepping for the embroidery of the lid doors by rolling the pre-glued paper onto the fabric you will stitch on to prevent bubbles.

Rachel shows off her box interior.  "You don't need a fancy box.  It's all what you DO to the box!"

Rachel's box is being covered in silk gum works.  I'd never heard of it, either.

Now the stitched panels are glued to the box.  No panicking!

Rachel has tips on choosing trims for your box edges and explains how the trims wrap around all the edges.

The final step--adding the trim.

Finally, here is a video of the finished little box.  Wonderful!

By the way, if you want to see finished caskets covered in 17th Century-style embroidery, this video is a great introduction.

If you want to take some of Rachel's classes on historical needlework techniques, she's announced a new website and a class on gummed paper designs.

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