Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update: Chilly Hollow Stitch Guides Blog

I've updated the Chilly Hollow Stitch Guides blog article on Adrienne Spencer Designs as she has added a list of the guides available (with prices) to the site.

I've also written a new article, a review of the Vintage Pears stitch guide written by Beverly Churchfield.   If you are curious about this Melissa Shirley canvas or Beverly's guides, check this out.  It's important to remember that the Vintage Pears canvas is available on both 13 and 18 count canvas but the guide is written for the 13 count size.

I'm trying to keep the CH Stitch Guides blog current with all the information I can found about stitch guides collected there so folks hunting guides can see if one is available for the canvas of their dreams.  When I update something or have added a new article, I'll post a note here so you can visit my other blog.

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The Turkey Reappears

Nancy's Turkey Canvas
All of the volunteer canvases I've been discussing here lately have many fans, so I was thrilled when Nancy sent two progress photographs of her Mark Lake Thompson/Melissa Shirley turkey.  She's busily stitching the turkey according to the plan we worked out here.  

She had a little trouble with the turkey tail feathers as the stitch doesn't fit well on the diagonal but after she adjusted the long stitches to two plies of silk, it looks nice, especially the silk sheen.  Note the pretty background stitch.  Note that the canvas was photographed at an angle.

She says the head is done except for the eye.

I think it looks great!

Thanks very much for sharing progress photos, Nancy.

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