Friday, July 16, 2021

The Art of Petit Point (Learning to Stitch on Silk Gauze)

Does the idea of stitching on silk gauze intrigue you?  Then you may be interested in Natalia Frank's new cyberclass "The Art of Petite Point."  You can see more about the class here.

You can browse Natalia's charts on her regular website.  She also has free charts to use as you explore this tiny ground material.  

Basically you do tent stitches with one ply of silk or cotton floss on a ground fabric that ranges from 18 to 32 to 40 to 48 count (and much smaller) using a tiny needle, usually a beading needle.  The silk gauze doesn't have to have the background stitched as the gauze will disappear if it is mounted over a shiny fabric or a mirror.  That means you have to be careful how you end threads as the tails will wiggle out and show if you aren't.  You can of course completely cover the background if you are doing a miniature rug, for example.  But having a butterfly seeming to float in air is a wonderful thing to see.

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