Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to Create Cleopatra's Hair

Earlier today, the pulled thread class at Ruth Schmuff's shop with an Egyptian theme got me off on a tangent. I had a lot of fun looking for painted canvases with Egypt-inspired themes. I also found this article (with two videos) on how to stitch Cleopatra's hair from Susan Roberts.  It covers everything from possible threads, how to braid the wig, and even ways to create the hair ornaments.

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Horus, Egypt and Pulled Thread Patterns

Bedecked and Beaddazzled is offering a June class with Gail Washington on intermediate pulled thread design. Gail has created a portrait of the Egyptian god Horus in pulled thread patterns for your stitching pleasure.  Isn't it lovely?  All the class details are here.

I'm a sucker for Egyptian design in needlepoint.  Of course we know that somewhere on Vicky DeAngelis' To Do list is Bastet from Tapestry Fair.  Don't miss the King Tut brick cover on the same page.  A little bird told me this canvas will be available with the corners squared off for those who want a framed mummy in their lives.

Silver Needle has a lovely little travel ornament celebrating the monuments of Egypt.

Denise DeRusha has an Egyptian "postcard."  Needle Works describes this as a fun exotic design and I think they are right.

If you are more interested in abstract patterns, how about this Amanda Lawford floral based on the lotus blossom?

Or Zecca's Lotus Squared?  You can get a Robin King stitch guide for this one.

HP Designs has a wonderful portrait of a Pharaoh.

Leigh Designs has a set of ornaments based on Egyptian themes.  Here's Seti.

The rest of the designs (all based on Egyptian Pharaohs or gods) are on Leigh's website.

Of course Cleopatra is the theme of many painted canvases.  Remember Melissa Shirley's Wild Women series?

Labors of Love has a Cleo with a matching frame.  Hubba-hubba!

There are probably more Egyptian-themed painted canvases but I've run out of time to hunt.  I hope you enjoy what I uncovered.

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