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Destination Dallas 2013

This non-TNNA trade show is held each April in Dallas, Texas.  It's a cash-and-carry show that concentrates on needlepoint, which means the designers, thread manufacturers and tool makers bring stock for the shops to purchase on the spot and bring home for your immediate stitching pleasure.  Latest Information is on top in BOLD letters.

********************************* has a special page full of new canvases they picked up at Destination Dallas.  Many I've not seen before.

Facebook:  Chaparral Needlework has created a new photo album on their FB page called Canvases Still Coming in From Market.

Vicky has a few more photos of the new designs from Annie Lane.

Needlework Retailer has posted three pages of photos from Destination Dallas.  You'll see your favorite designers and some of their work, plus get a feel for what this wholesale only show is like.

Vicky took photos of The Point of It All's room at Destination Dallas and has some other fun items for you to see from other places.  Great stuff!

PFOS shows off even more goodies they ordered at Dallas.

A few new items courtesy of Vicki's camera.

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off new stockings and cuffs.

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off new snap trays, magnets and laying tools in their shop.

More new goodies on the Pocket Full of Stitches blog.

The rumor mill also says that designs reproduced from Anne Tavoletti are going out of Maggie's ilne, so if you are a fan, pick up what you want ASAP.  I believe her work is mostly rustic buildings and snowmen but I can't be sure as they have vanished from the Maggie website. Check with your shop if you need to be sure what's going away.

The rumor mill says HP Designs is closing (due to retirement) but their lacquered boxes at least have been bought by Amanda Lawford.  I don't know about their painted canvas line.

Facebook:  In Stitches has posted a photo of their purchases.  Fun!

Vicky shows off photos of new Alice Peterson canvases.

Pocket Full of Stitches checks in with more goodies!

Ridgewood is showing off the new spring metal magnet needle minders from Puffin and Company.

More finds from Pocket Full of Stitches.

Quail Run (which is both a shop and a distributor so they both displayed and bought at Destination Dallas) is showing off some of the goodies on their blog.

Melissa Shirley has updated her What's New page to show new stitch guides that are available for her designs.

Leigh Designs has posted eight new canvases from their Caribe' series on their website.  The last photo in the series is Bermuda, which I stitched for Leigh.  My stitch guide will be up on the CH Stitch Guides blog tomorrow (4/30).

Facebook:  Amy Bunger has posted photos of new totes, canvases (especially Kelly Clark's new Haberdasher series with stitch guides from Laura Walden and sequin packets) and the large butterfly magnet on her FB page. 

Needle Works visited Dream House Ventures and got photographs of all three of Joan Eidman's St. Nicholas stand up Santas.

Enriched Stitch is snowing off all the new Melissa Prince designs.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted lots of new Christmas and Halloween items, as well as Kelly Clark Texas themed ornaments on their blog.   Don't miss the photos from the new Roses, Noses and Other Fun Stuff book by Cynthia Thomas!

Needle Works is blogging their brains out.  First, The Collection, then Shelly Tribbey, then Alice Peterson.  Email them at if you want to place an order while they are in Dallas.

Then Jude Designs, Unique NZ Designs, Raymond Crawford, Carol Eix' bead snap trays, Associated Talents, and Melissa Prince.

Facebook:  Associated Talents has posted photographs of their Dallas displays on their FB page. Needlework Retailer (trade magazine) is posting photos from all over on their site, too.

Needle Works has posted new Leigh canvases based on the Caribbean on their blog.

Denise DeRusha has five new destination canvases on display.  They are Morocco, Singapore, Kenya, Turkey and Zimbabwe.

Facebook:  Vicky DeAngelis has posted a new Mindy clock face design on her personal page.  It's pink and retro with a 1960s black cat and other brown cats in the corners.

Facebook:  At the Needlepoint Nation group, Claire Hoynes Hill and Gail Beets are posting photos from Destination Dallas.  We've seen a cowgirl on a horse design right out of the late 1950s from Maggie, a Maggie cat wearing a knit cap pulled down low, a traditional oriental rug star from CanvasWorks, and witch standups from Artists Collection.

Facebook:  Associated Talents has a new canvas decorated with candy that reads "Dear Santa, It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time."

Facebook:  Quail Run has canvas tape (for raw edges) with a cat silhouette and "Cat Lover" on it.

Facebook:  Here are some new Needle Deeva canvases.

Vicky is packing lots of Needle Deeva goodies for the show.

Quail Run promises to update their Facebook page with news during the show, and...

...Needle Works says they will update their blog.  Stay tuned!

Facebook:  Janet Burnett of A Collection of Designs has posted the first of her newest canvases on the A Collection of Designs FB page.  It's Helga Owl, wearing a pillbox hat and sunglasses and sporting various colorful feathers.

Sandy Grossman-Morris has announced her new Batter Up! line of baseball ornaments.  These feature a baseball with a team logo wearing a festive Santa hat.  If you have a baseball nut on your gift list for next Christmas, Sandy can fix you right up.

The latest magnet from Accoutrement Designs in their Mag Friends series is a Kreinik spool magnet.   I hope this is available at the Dallas show as I MUST HAVE ONE.  Sorry, got carried away there.  LOL 

Speaking of magnets, here are the newest magnets from Accoutrement to be released in Dallas and again in Columbus--cactus, chocolate chip cookie, pink pig, Eiffel Tower, pelican, starfish, pineapple. snowman, strawberry, and bottle of red wine.  Something for everyone, in other words.

They also have bunches of grapes (either red or green, depending on your preference), a gold and diamond thimble, and Ruby Slippers!

Ruth Schmuff has added to her Fairy Tale canvases.  There are now designs for the Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Snow White and the Dwarves, and Pinocchio instead of the original Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood and Cinderella.  The designs are small at 9 inches square and modern in feel. They are also somewhat funny!

Barbara Bergsten
 has updated her catalog and made the file size a little smaller so that it loads quicker, just in time for the Dallas show.  There are also links to her What's New page if you are a shop and making your shopping list or just a fan, enjoying her work.

More Needle Deeva Halloween designs are here.   I predict the Halloween heels will be very popular!

Needle Deeva is releasing Halloween candy apple designs which show monsters in candy apple shapes.

Joan Lohr is teaching a wonderful double-sided Santa from Susan Roberts in Dallas.  Hopefully everyone can see this beautiful piece on Facebook.

Cynthia Thomas is going to teach a rabbit from Rebecca Wood's newest series at the Dallas show.  Cynthia announced this on Facebook and here's a link to a photo of the finished model.  Hilarious!  The rabbit has a bow tie and fabulous vest and is running, juggling one Easter egg while carrying a basket full of others.  What an expression on his face!!

Melissa Prince has created little carousel horse ornaments, each with seasonal colors and themes.

Vicky DeAngelis is teaching the shops a little Needle Deeva Halloween bird, complete with purple feathers and a beaded pumpkin wing.

When Julia Comes to Town

Here's what happens when Julia Snyder comes to a shop to teach.

I am trying not to turn green with envy.  How about you?

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New Threadles

Kurdy Biggs has been busy, with two new designs joining her Threedles stable in 2013.  Many thanks to Carol for mentioning this!

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