Thursday, May 25, 2017

SuDu Talks Stitch Guides and Backgrounds and Embellishing and Finishing UPDATED

Sue Dulle's recent blog posting talks about how she uses a stitch guide. It's full of good tips on how to get the most of a guide and how to customize it to your own likes and dislikes.

Sue also talks about stitching her background and why she stitched the letters on her canvas differently than the guide. There are some great tips for stitching darning stitches, too.

She also gives us tips on how to work large projects without forgetting areas.

Now she embellishes!

Finally, Sue writes about finishing. This article alone is worth its weight in gold!  There's more than just finishing in this article, but it's the main focus.

Thanks for writing down your thoughts, Sue.  It's very valuable information.

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