Sunday, May 7, 2023

Neon Rays Tips

Louise's Needlework has some great tips for stitching with Neon Rays in this month's shop newsletter.

Basically, Jill advocates using a flat iron to smooth cut lengths of Neon Rays, and to use a metal laying tool to lay each stitch since a wooden tool can sometimes snag this tender thread.  If you are doing padded satin stitch with Neon Rays, Jill likes to use Very Velvet as padding underneath for extra depth.

Stitching Shop advocates dampening the thread or popping it by cutting a length and then pulling each end simultaneously.  They also mention using steam or a flat iron to smooth Neon Rays and have tips on keeping this slippery thread from sliding out of the needle's eye or wiggling out from the back of the canvas where the ends are buried.

If you aren't familiar with Neon Rays, this is from the Rainbow Gallery website.

If all else fails, Neon Rays+ is a good substitute.  The bit of metallic filament woven in this thread makes it easier to stitch with than the original.

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