Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fashion Totes

I see that New Needlepoint is liquidating their stock of fashion totes from Claire Sanchez.  These are lovely bags at great prices and if I didn't have two brand new tote bags, I'd be buying one of the silk bags with the copper squares. I think they are lovely!  They certainly are a stylish way to lug your projects around.

Speaking of tote bags, I was just told that Crate & Barrel has a great tote bag.  They aren't as nice as the Sanchez bags but they are practical and sturdy.  And there is a coordinating tote bag organizer (second link).  You know, I might need one of the organizers.  They seem a practical way to keep loose items organized in the oversized bags we lug around with us these days!

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A Grinning Border

Not too many borders are as cheerful (in a macabre way) as the one I finished last night for the iPhone case.  No, I didn't work on Cha again.  We are busy cleaning up a tree that went down in the storm that took our power out last week and I was just too tired to do anything besides a simple charted pattern.  Maybe today I'll get back to Cha if we don't finish clearing away the treetops and stacking the part of the tree that is suitable for firewood.  I am getting too old to do physical labor and still be able to sit and concentrate on needlepoint later.  Sigh.  Oh, well, the mess is almost cleaned up.

As you can see, the top border on one side is finished.  I also positioned the first motif in the border that will continue to the other side of the iPhone case while I had the count down.  Then I finished the grid on one side and have started filling it in with large Xs.  Once they are all done, a large + sign goes on top of the X in each box.  I'm using the new holographic Kreinik for the border but a regular purple Kreinik in size 4 braid for the background pattern.

This is easy stitching as long as you don't totally zonk out while doing it.  Just what I needed last night!

I'm getting nostalgic for the endless tent stitch background on Cha.  At least I was making progress on that design but didn't have to think while I was working it.  Here's wishing you some mindless relaxing stitching of your own today....

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at