Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Vintage Candy Tins Storage for Needle Minders

Do you have a great many magnets you use as needle minders?  Wheelhaus Needlepoint has a cute video of a vintage hinged metal box they use to corral their needle minders and other tools on their Instagram.

Where can you find metal candy boxes?  I think the best place to start looking is Etsy.  Search for "vintage candy hinged tin boxes" and see what you come up with.  (The best boxes I found were Blue Bird Harry Vincent confectionary tins from England.)

I found this charming Whitman's Candy tin box.

This English box is decorated with a reproduction of a French romantic artist.

Are you an Art Deco fan?  This box is round and doesn't have a hinged lid but I like it a lot.

Here's another vintage English tin candy container with a knobbed lid that is in good shape and very attractive.

This West German chest type box is decorated with angels on each end.

Have fun browsing!

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