Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dallas Show

The Dallas "cash and carry" show is going on this weekend in case you wonder where your favorite shop owner has disappeared to.  Squiggee posted her flyer for shop owners who wanted a preview last week.

Vicky DeAngelis is reporting on the show from Dallas.  Looks like this is going to be fun!

Colleen at Needle Works has promised to post the goodies she buys on her blog Monday.  Stay tuned!

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The Dog Report

The sun's too bright!
It's been a while since I mentioned the new puppy and folks are asking about him.  Let's just say at almost 64 pounds and with five left feet, Watson's a bit of a handful these days!  He is a sweetheart, though, and fun to work with to make him a pleasant and well-behaved companion.  The squirrels are starting to worry about raiding the bird feeder with Watson on patrol, too, which is really why we wanted a Great Pyrenees.  They keep varmints away from the immediate vicinity.  Living as we do in a mature oak forest with deer, mice, woodpeckers, snakes, raccoons, foxes, ground hogs and the occasional bear and wild cat, this is a good thing.

Patt and Lee's Puppy Love
Speaking of dogs, check out this hilarious but poignant new dog piece from Patt and Lee Designs.  Don't you love the shading of the fancy stitches on the poodle and that gorgeous background?  The mutt is much subtler but he has fancy stitches, too. They are just in a smaller scale so one doesn't notice them at first.  Which is the point!

Patt is writing the stitch guide now so I expect your shop will be able to order this for you in the next month or so.

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