Sunday, March 25, 2018

Basket Purses for Needlepoint Monogram Ornaments UPDATED

Rachel Donley recommends that her monogram ornaments be displayed on straw purses and totes from either Bosom Buddy Bags or QBS Designs that your favorite shop carries.    Looks like you can also order online if your shop doesn't carry bags.

If your favorite shop doesn't have these bags but you want to support needlepoint stores, Po's Point appears to carry them.

So does KC Needlepoint.

And Stitch Boutique of Boston.

Designers like Tory Burch also carries suitable bags for a monogrammed ornament.  Check places like Nordstrum's, eBay for vintage and of course Etsy.

What's the Point? Needlepoint in Dublin, Ohio is going to have a Rachel Donley class on creating your own monogram which can be used to adorn these purses on April 7.

UPDATE:  I'm told Cabbage Row Needlepoint in Charleston has both the bags and will custom design a monogram ornament for you.

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