Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Snag Nab-It Revisited (and a Give-away) UPDATE

Snag Nab-Its

Back before Thanksgiving I mentioned the Snag Nab-It which is used to pull stray thread tails back to the rear of a canvas.  This is essentially a long needle with a pointed end and a roughed up end that is supposed to pull a stray thread to the back side of your canvas.  You insert the pointed needle in the hole that has a thread tail sticking out, then gently pull the Snag Nab-It through.  The rough end catches the thread and pulls it to the back side along with the needle.

When I wrote that post I heard from Jane B. that her local JoAnn's Fabrics carries them in three separate sizes.  I had no idea that they varied in diameter, but this is important since the Fiber Talk podcast just mentioned that a Snag Nab-it can tear your ground fabric if you are not careful.  This is less likely to be a problem with needlepoint canvas than linen but you still want to be careful.  I managed to find two different lengths of the Snag Nab-It pictured online here.

Jane sent me an assortment of Snag Nab-Its in three diameters.  They are all about the same length but you can easily see that some of the needles are thicker than others.  With her help and encouragement I am offering one of the Snag Nab-Its as a giveaway.   Post a comment here (or email me at chilly hollow at hot mail dot com if Google won't let you use Comments) and I will do a random drawing in a week's time, on February 28.  The winner will need to mail me a stamped, self-addressed envelope and will receive the single Snag Nab-It in the package in the photo above as a present from Jane.

Thanks for all your help, Jane!

UPDATE:  The contest is over and Jane's about to draw the winner, to be announced on March 1st.

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Do You Use Thread Organizers?

Cross stitchers use lots and lots of different colors in many of their pieces, so floss organization is always an issue for them. A lot of people use what are called floss sticks or floss organizers.  Like these which are the length of office folders and meant to hang in a desk drawer on hanging file bars until needed.

These are the drawer frames.  They come in two sizes, letter sized and legal sized.  Of course you don't have to use the floss organizer bars this way.

Herrschners sells a shorter variety with a magnet for your needles.  The folks at Needlepoint Nation say that these have 20 holes, not 22 as the blurb says.

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