Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eggplant Needed

Ehrman's Kaffe Fasset Vegetable Series

Just got a note from Susan who is looking for a Kaffe Fassett needlepoint kit.  This is an older Ehrman design from the vegetable series shown above.

Susan Needs this Aubergine Kit
Susan loves how the ones she's already stitched turned out so now she wants to stitch the aubergine.  But she can't find this discontinued kit.  Anyone know where it can be found?

Email me at chillyhollow at hot maildot com and I'll put you in touch with Susan.  And if you read Japanese, we found it on the Japanese Erhman site but we can't figure out how to order....

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Stars: Finishing Cary Grant

Last night I finished the Cary Grant block, after struggling with the final corners for three days.  It looks great, though.  I just have to stitch the sashing line below the block and I can put this away for a bit.  I am not going to do the right side border until all the blocks are done.  It is just too confusing to stitch the border down to the point the current stitching ends, then pick it up later.  Better to wait until everything else is done, then I can finish the borders without touching them to reach inside to stitch a star block.

The color is off in the photo above but I'm not sure why.  Perhaps it was too bright early this morning when I took it?  Regardless, Cary Grant is the block on the second row, right end.

I'll be talking about my new project which I've already started tomorrow.

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The Rumor Mill Says

Susan Portra's Infinity
I've heard several rumors floating around the Internet.  I can't vouch for their accuracy but I sure hope both are true!

Rumor #1 is that the Elaine Magnin store has been purchased by its former employees and will be reborn soon under another name.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Rumor #2 is that Susan Portra is getting ready to release both new and old designs from a new website.  ( was the old site which has disappeared.)  You can find her charted work various places if you look hard.  The photo above is one of her newer pieces.  It is called Infinity.

If anyone has more concrete information on either item, please let us know.

By the way, remember to vote in the poll above for the Patt and Lee canvas I'll stitch here once I finish my current projects.  The choices are pictured below again.  See the 8/30 posting for details.  If you can't make the poll work, post your vote in the Comments or email me at chillyhollow at hotmail dot com and I'll add it in.  Thanks!
Pirate Cat

Asian Inspiration Sampler

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