Monday, February 19, 2018

The Mystery with a Twist Comes with Flowers

Ruth Schmuff has announced the next Mystery with a Twist class, Annie O'Brien Gonzales' "Let's Fall in Love," which will start in April 2018.  You are probably familiar with mystery classes—they are available at Ruth's shop or via mail order over a few months.  But the Mystery with a Twist class is a long-term project, spread out over 2-4 years with a class arriving via mail order only about every six months.  It's for the relaxed stitcher who is happy to have plenty of time between lessons.

If you are interested, you can sign up via Ruth's website.  Stay tuned!  As photos from the current lessons are posted on Ruth's blog, I'll update this article….

UPDATE: Ruth starts with the background areas, all in yummy threads and stitches.

Now Ruth adds the tablecloth and the cut glass vase.

The final step is creating all those flowers and leaves.  If you ever wanted a master class in making ribbon petals and embroidery leaves, this is it.

Final Update:  Here it is framed.  Magnificent!

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