Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day UPDATED

If you need a little Irish green this morning, check out Jody's newest shamrocks design.

Pocket Full of Stitches is having a Cooper Oaks trunk show.  They have posted a ton of bright canvases from the designers which you can see in these two links. UPDATE:  PFOS has added a third, fourth and fifth blog entry on this trunk show so I've added new links.

In Woodlawn news, Susan writes of her fun day out with a friend.  There's not much about the actual needlework exhibit, but she has information about a bead shop close to Woodlawn Plantation that those who are planning on visiting will want to check out.

Remember, turn left exiting Woodlawn and drive through two sets of traffic lights.  You'll see a McDonald's in the strip mall on the right.  Turn there and look to the right when you are facing McDonald's.  That's where In Stitches is located.  The shop carries counted thread and knitting supplies as well as a good number of painted canvases.  They have lots of threads and tools and it's a wonderful shopping experience before or after the show.

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I forgot to provide the link to the blog Arlene found that talks a bit about how Woodlawn Plantation's yearly exhibit is organized.  Here it is:

While I'm mentioning additions to Blog, I also updated the CH Stitch Guides blog with a short mention of what Art Needlepoint calls a stitch guide.  It seems to actually be an emailed (PDF?) file of twenty-two diagrammed stitches with some hints on where to use them, but I haven't seen it in person.  You can read the article here.

I don't know what it costs but if you have bought from them in the past year, it is free.  It looks like a second volume is planned.  Please note that Art Needlepoint's canvases are silk screened.  If not having a stitch painted canvas bothers you a lot, their designs are not for you.

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DMC Resources

The DMC blog has posted an unusually useful article that links to a tutorial on how to cut cotten perle so you have the perfect stitching length each time and a page that tells you the color name that go with all those DMC numbers.  312 is Very Dark Baby Blue, for example.

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