Thursday, December 19, 2013

Newly Available Petei Canvases Listed

Debbie Woodard of Painted Pony Designs, the new distributors of Petei, has just posted a list of all the currently available Petei Santa canvases on her Facebook page. I'm taking the liberty of reposting the list here for those who don't have a Facebook account. Your shop can order these for you and request others to be brought back into production by contacting Painted Pony.  I think the Petei Nativity set is also available.  Here you go! 

"Here is a list of Petei Santas that we've re-released through December. Petei fans: get your wish lists to your LNS soon - she heads to market in early January!"

PT-010 Flower Pot 
PT-028 Gnome Santa 
PT-029 Woodsman 
PT-030 Irish 
PT-031 Elf Santa
PT-032 Country
PT-037 Chimney-top 
PT-054 Electric
PT-103 Greek
PT-115 Western
PT-168 LaBefana (Italian Female)
PT-229 Zoo Santa 
PT-271 Traditional ( Coca-Cola) 
PT-313 Nutcracker Santa
PT-314 White
PT-316 Cowboy
PT-317 Sinttrklass 
PT-318 Russian St. Nicholas 
PT-319 Victorian 
PT-320 Father Christmas #1 
PT-321 Saint Nicholas 
PT-322 Kris Kringle 
PT-412 Santa Lucia (female) 
PT-428 Frontier 
PT-445 Scottish 
PT-446 Cossack 
PT-447 Dutch 
PT-450 Victorian Crazy Quilt 
PT-475 Father Christmas #2 
PT-486 English with Wreath 
PT-487 Behind a Bag of Toys 
PT-505 Holding Lamb 
PT-538 North Country 
PT-540 Green Santa 
PT-541 Mexican 
PT-542 Flower
PT-543 Swedish 
PT-560 Peace on Earth
PT-561 Yukon 
PT-563 Workshop 
PT-565 Wizard 
PT-578 Santa Knight 
PT-581 Christmas Past
PT-582 Blue Spruce 
PT-586 Norwegian 
PT-589 Shopping 
PT-590 Bell 
PT-599 Stocking 
PT-606 Checking It Twice 
PT-613 South Pole 
PT-618 Ski 
PT-622 Birdhouse 
PT-628 Long john 
PT-659 Plum Puddin’ 
PT-663 Baking 
PT-668 German 
PT-673 Marionette 
PT-696 Swiss 
PT-697 Gumdrop 
PT-700 Candy cane 
PT-703 Candlelight 
PT-714 Painted Pony 
PT-717 Spool 
PT-729 Chimney Sweep 
PT-743 Train 
PT-745 Hawaiian 
PT-747 Wise Olde Santa 
PT-751 Gone Fishing 
PT-756 Paul Bunyan Santa 
PT-760-D Doggie Santa 
PT-760-K Kitty Santa 
PT-767 Deck the Halls 
PT-772 Ride ‘em Cowboy 
PT-775 Golfing 
PT-785 Snowflake 
PT-786 Squeeze Me Lemon 
PT-791 Blue Moon 
PT-793 Russian Egg Santa 
PT-806 Decorating 
PT-808 Chinese Longevity 
PT-818 Town Crier Santa 
PT-821 Sweets 
PT-830 Professor Santa 
PT-841 Musketeer Santa 
PT-843 Santa on Burro 
PT-844 Yule Log 
PT-847 Jump For Joy

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Be Still My Beating Heart

Why am I excited this morning? Kimberly is designing hand painted canvases!   She is even going to do stitch guides for her designs!  Ruth Schmuff is going to distribute them!  HURRAH!!!

Remember her adorable counted canvas work needle case? That was a real beauty!

But it did involve counting, which is not my favorite thing in the world.  I've watched Kimberly's blog for years now, seeing the pretty things she's drawn and wishing she would do painted canvases.

My wishes have come true!  Can't wait to see what she comes up with!!!

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Needle Nicely Blocks

Mary Agnes does some blocking at her shop, using a very clever idea. I didn't say she enjoyed it, though!

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