Thursday, November 15, 2018

Tiny Needle Threaders for Tiny Needles UPDATED

Mary Corbet is working on 48 count silk gauze and hunting for a needle threader that works well with size 10 beading needles.

I've seen Puffin and Company's micro threader and it is really tiny.  However, I use an old fashioned wire needle threader, the kind that has a stamped tin base.

I buy a package whenever I find them (they are getting harder to find) and open it right away, laying the threaders out on the kitchen counter on a sheet of waxed paper.  Then I put a drop of super glue on the base where the wires attach and let them all dry.  I rarely pulled the wires out now when threading up my beading needles, whether for beading or stitching on silk gauze, since.

UPDATE:  Sara Leigh highly recommends the Colonial Needle Ultra Fine Needle Threader. Here is what it looks like-

Needle in a Haystack in California stocks them, as well as a wide range of other types of needle threaders.  Scroll down past all the needles to the bottom of the page to see them.

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