Monday, August 2, 2010

Laura Perin Fan Alert

Scarlet Thread has posted photos of all the colorways available for Laura J. Perin's new One Long Panel design. They are kitting the chart, canvas, threads and beads for $45 if you are interested in each of the colorways (aqua, peach, purple, pink or blue) but if you have a local shop to buy from or want to make up your own colors, this link is just to show off the pretty color combinations.

I promised to post the link here and have updated my July 28 posting where I promised this but it's been pushed off the main page so I thought I'd better make a separate posting, else you counted canvaswork folks will think I a) forgot and/or b) don't love you as much as your painted canvas friends!

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Six Rows to Go UPDATED

By stitching quite a bit yesterday, I managed to work seven rows of background, leaving me just six to go.  Those six will take several evenings but the end is in sight!  I'm holding off stitching Cha's tail feathers to keep me going on the background rows.  Wish me luck!

While I stitch and think about my next project, you might want to do a little thinking about your next project as lots and lots of new monthly clubs are available.  Chaparral has added the Give Thanks little boxes to their series of clubs.  Click on the photo to see the stitched individual pieces that show the fall foliage, flowers and fruits that decorate each item.

2 the Point has gone in for seasonal designs, one with birds and one with seasonal symbols such as sail boats.  These are all small with stitch guides written by Terry Christopher.

What's the Point? has two new clubs, one a Nutcracker ornament set and the other a bird watcher's club.  Again, click on the photo to see the entire set.

The final club is from The Needlepointer, who have a tiny village to stitch.  What fun!

UPDATE:  I just discovered the cute village is from Squiggee (Gail Hendrix), who has a lovely photo of the designs on her blog.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at