Monday, February 28, 2011

In Memoriam: Judy Harper

These folks all say what I feel about Judy Harper way better than I ever could.

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New Stitch Guide Information

I have so much going on in my life I forgot to mention I've updated the Chilly Hollow Stitch Guide blog with two new articles.

The Feb. 27, 2011 article links to an article Robin King wrote about how she creates her stitch guides.  The Feb. 22 article is about the stitch guide information Janet Perry is providing Cyberpointers at their March meeting.  Just follow the above link to read more.

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Off to Class and the Flower Show UPDATED

I am turning green this morning and it's not because spring might be about to arrive in Chilly Hollow!  I'm jealous of all the fun things that other stitchers are doing.  Vicky is taking a class from Brenda Hart.

Peggi is taking a class from Tony Minieri.

UPDATE:  Since I wrote this post yesterday, Peggi has posted again about the Tony Minieri class she's in.  I am even more jealous, if that were possible.

Rittenhouse is getting ready for the Philadelphia Flower Show by spotlighting floral canvases in their shop.  The neat thing about their little article is that they sort canvases into difficulty levels to help stitchers pick just the right piece.

At least if we can't be there, we can participate virtually.  Thanks for the reports, everyone.  We may be jealous but at least we got a taste of all the fun.

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