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NC State McKimmon Center Needlepoint Exhibit UPDATED

Look what Don found!!
It's nearly March and you parents of high school students know what that means--college tours! It's the time of year to lug the offspring to various emporium of higher learning to try and find the best fit for their talents and interests (without bankrupting the homestead).  Don Lynch of Associated Talents just made such a trip to NC State in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Look what he found while hunting for the on-campus Starbucks!

There was a note saying the work was presented to the state by "The Youth of North Carolina" in 1976.

Another Section

Anyone know anything about the wall of needlepoint and how it came about?  It looks like there was one section for each county in the state.

Another Closeup
Thanks, Don!  I appreciate your sharing the photographs with Blog readers. Perhaps someone can add to the story you accidentally uncovered.  

UPDATE:  Marilyn did some research and this is what she found out about Don's mystery wall of needlepoint.

"I did a little follow-up, and received the following information from Louise and Linda.

Yes, I remember! I was a 4-Her when this state project took place. It was a bicentennial statewide project. It hangs in the Jane S. McKimmon Center on the wall outside of Room 2 near the snack bar. Each County 4-H program was to design and create a needlepoint square representing their county. The county squares were grouped by districts. I was an Onslow County 4-H member so our square had a sailboat representing Mitchell 4-H Camp, which was located in Swansboro, NC. The McKimmon Center was a new facility on campus at the time and this large Art is displayed very well there. I hope this help you.

Another point of interest may be that for the creation of bicentennial 4-H flags. the 4-H emblem which is protected by copyright was abandoned as a special flags were created. The major modification included 4 dark green leaves shaped like tear drops and the did not touch one another and the stem was straight. These tear drop leaves do not have the indention on the outer leaves and no "H's" on the leaves. These flags are still used during the Honor Club Tapping ceremony on stage. I recall seeing the same shaped flag with the top felt teardrop leaf with a blue background and white stars and the other 3 teardrop leaves were red and white striped with no "H's". Personally, I think it was special for that year that they should be never be used again."

Thanks, Marilyn!  Don and I and Blog's readers really appreciate your efforts!

UPDATE:  Julie took even more photos in 2018.

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The Monthly Quail's Quill

The mid-March brief shop newsletter for Quail Run has gone live!

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How Does Orna's Stitching Grow?

Karen of Nimble Needle in New Jersey just took two Orna Willis classes and has posted photos of her work in progress with Orna's finished pieces. It is fascinating to see how Orna's designs grow on blank canvas or silk gauze!

I don't know for a fact that these were pilot classes for the ANG Seminar in Chicago this year, but I bet that's the case.  I tried to look at the ANG Seminar information on their website but it isn't up yet. You might try later.

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