Friday, July 14, 2023

News about Hedgehog and SuZy Murphy Books

The New Jersey Needle Artists chapter of ANG has published their June newsletter (I know it's July but I had plenty of articles already written and ready to publish before this came out) and its full of fun stuff!

You can see the new retro round travel ornaments from Hedgehog Needlepoint on their website.  These are 4 inches in diameter and are printed, I think on 18 count canvas.

I'm particularly happy to see that Rainbow Gallery is distributing SuZy Murphy's books again.  They are not the latest thing but they are very useful!  People who want to see actual stitched samples will be really pleased by these.  Samples of the stitches are in the back of most (if not all) of these books.  Note that you can find copies of these on Amazon and eBay but they are usually at inflated prices.  It's best to have your local shop order from Rainbow Gallery for you so you get a better deal.

There is plenty of class and retreat news as well, plus sales and exclusive canvases at some of our favorite shops. As always, many of the photos have other photos hidden on the side so click on the side arrows to see everything.

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