Friday, March 11, 2016

Box Beads (Sundance)

Sundance's Box Beads
Recently Sundance sent me a selection of their new "box" beads to play with.   As you can see from the photo, these are perfectly square beads that are 3mm on each side.  The holes in the middle of each bead are relatively large.

Box Beads in Corners of Gold Digger Miami

I used Sundance's box beads as accents in the corners of my Gold Digger Miami piece from Leigh Designs.  The photo above is a test using gold and red beads so I could decide which color I liked best.  (I went with the red.)  I was able to use a doubled strand of overdyed cotton to go through each bead 3-4 times to secure it, so those center holes will take a very fat thread, probably even a strand of Impressions or something similar in diameter.  The beads themselves stand up high off the canvas and are slightly larger than a normal round size 11/0 bead.

Very nice and the color selection is large, which is always a plus.   I certainly will be using these again!

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