Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Exactly How Many Whites Are There?

Remember how I said yesterday this piece was going to be challenging because of all the color and pattern in it?  I've actually found another challenge is going to be all the white in it.  Take a good look at the photo of the plain canvas above and start counting the white areas.

The snowman's body and face are white, as are the furry rim, half the stripes and the ball at the end of his stocking cap.  He stands in white snow.

There are white dots on his scarf, the toy bird and the package he holds in his mittens.  There are also white snowflakes falling in the sky behind him.

I'm going to have to either use the same thread in all these places or find the same shade of white in a variety of threads to use for fuzzy fur, icy snowflakes, raised polka dots, knitted scarves, and snowmen and snow on the ground.  Looking at the large variety of white items, all of which should be different textures, I think I need to use a variety of threads for the various white areas.

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