Monday, June 14, 2010

More News and Eye Candy UPDATED

If you are a Melissa Shirley fan, then you'll be thrilled that all her newest designs are up on her website now.  I love the geishas (see above) and the Asian herons, but the tiny Madonna and Child ornaments are also very appealing to me.  Of course the owls and the Wild Women and the bugs are wonderful, but on Melissa's website you see everything that is new, not just what caught a shop owner's eye.

Ruth Schmuff is back posting even more photos of painted canvases that have caught her eye.  She's not just showing off her designs, she is buying for her shop in the Baltimore suburbs. There are some great treats here.  So see for yourself!

Peggy is still reporting on the items Amy Bunger and her staff are  buying for her shop and for her classes.  There are lots of things we haven't seen before described here in words and in pictures.  Being a threadaholic, my eye was riveted by the hand painted Shimmer Ribbon Floss from Painter's Thread (Tentakulum), but there is a lot more to see here.

Colleen is fighting through technical difficulties and blogging about the wonderful things she's picking up for Needle Works.  Shop owners--where would we be without all their hard work?  Pass that woman a Shelly Tribbey Halloween cupcake!  (There is another owl canvas here from a different designer.  Whoever says this is the owl show was right!)

UPDATE:  More Colleen, with witches and their cats.  (And more but I didn't want you Halloween fans to miss these.)

Stay tuned for even more.  I expect a few more postings to wrap up the newest from Columbus tomorrow.  Then I'll start a new project.

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