Friday, November 12, 2010

The Astounding Ribbon Master

I've been reading Susan Elliot's blog for a while, enjoying her eclectic embroidery than ranges from bead covered journals to Japanese embroidery.  Susan just took a ribbon class from Candace Kling, whom I've never heard of and whose out-of-print book The Artful Ribbon just went on my Christmas list.  Here are photos Susan took in class.  Prepare to be amazed and delighted.

Here is Candace's website.  Make sure you click on Art to see the candy boxes and the hat, then check out the Links for more photographs and informations about her ribbon art.

This is awe-inspiring work, so much so that I'm not posting anything else today.  I want you to have time to explore this a bit and think of ribbons as works of art, not just the way to make some flowers for your needlepoint.

Thanks, Susan.  I would never have known about the art of ribbons without your blog.

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