Tuesday, August 8, 2023

The Nashville Needlepointer and Laying Tools

Lita, the Nashville Needlepointer, shows how to use a laying tool on her Instagram page.

Laying tools come in all sorts of lengths and are made in a variety of materials.  I think Lita's is a porcupine quill, but you can get metal, wood, plastic, even bone laying tools.  In fact, if you have a really big needle or a knitting needle, you can use that as a laying tool if you aren't ready to invest in one yet.  

Make sure you buy one that fits well in your hand.  Ask your local shop to let you hold what they carry or borrow them from stitching friends to hold.   I prefer small laying tools that are a bit fat but you may be a skinny, long laying tool fan.  Doesn't matter, it's what is comfortable for you to hold.  

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